Hi everyone! 

I'm new to the forum, I've just finished my first run of week one and came across this forum! Reading all your comments has really helped me see the progress I can make it i carry on! I've always thought I'm just one of those people who aren't meant to run!! I get married next May and I'm on a mission to lose a few pounds and to generally just get healthy! 

I do an exercise class once a week at a gym- would it be possible to do one of my weekly runs on a running machine? Would if have the same effect? 

Thanks all!



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  • Morning Sarah

    You've come to the right place. Folks here are lovely (unless they're kicking you up the ass for slacking), and will help you with C25k journey and out the other side. Lots of folks here are trying to lose weight and get healthy, both of which are possible if you dig in and work hard.  C25k is a blast and you'll have lots of fun but  you have to go nice and steady.  Slowly, slowly is the way to go.

  • Hi Sarah and welcome. As to doing runs on a treadmill (aka dreadmill) if that fits in with your schedule and means you keep exercising, do it. There are lots of people on here that run on machines. Treadmill running and outdoors running are different (most basic differences are the effects of the weather and the fact that, unlike on the treadmill, the ground outside doesn't move itself, you push yourself along.

    Good luck with the plan, remember to go slower than a slow thing (you can most probably walk faster than the speed at which you need to run for this programme). 

  • Thanks both! 

    That's really helpful!


  • Hello & welcome to possibly the most supportive forum I've ever found. 👋

    Yes you can absolutely do the programme on the dreadmill if that fits with your schedule. I use one occassionally if I'm travelling for work & don't know the area, but outdoors running is much better (in my opinion anyway).

    Good luck with the programme & I'm sure before too long you'll be as hooked as the rest of us! 😆

  • Thanks everyone! It's really nice of you all to take time to comment! 

    I'll take your advice and go slow! I've done one and itching to do another tonight... But I'll take it slow and use the rest days! 

    Fingers crossed!


  • Welcome to the program!  You certainly can use the treadmill - the biggest issue with them seems to be boredom...  Mixing it up with running outside is a good way to go, though.  Outside is definitely more preferable (in my mind!).  

    Slower than a slow thing to start and you will soon be amazed at what you can do. :)

  • Welcome! I did the whole programme (and continue to run) on the treadmill with no problems. Good luck, and keep us posted on your progress.

  • Hi and welcome Sarahsarah101 

    None of us thought of ourselves as runners , we all started at the same point. 

    This is so the right place to come for support, encouragement and any advise or questions 😊

    You can run on treadmill or outside,  the main thing is tot trust the program and believe in yourself and you will do just great 😊

    Good luck😊a

  • Well done on getting started!! That's the hardest bit done! 

    You absolutely can use a treadmill for some of your runs, but apparently it's a very different experience from road or trail running. (Easier, I'm told) Just keep running - slow and steady wins the race! 🏃🏻

    BTW, congratulations on your wedding plans! 👰

  • Hi there.. welcome. This is a super place... and so much support here, you will love it!

    I think many of us thought we were never meant to run.. how wrong we were... :)

    A lovely goal to aim for.. getting married, getting healthy.. wonderful! :) Slow and steady as misswobble says..., and you have done the tricky bit, because;

    "The beginning is the most important part of the work, ", and you have done that !

  • Welcome aboard Sarah !

    Well done for taking up the challenge of this fantastic programme, you wont regret it , its life changing !

    I would like to wish you all the very best , you can do this !

    Keep posting of your progress, it really helps in keeping you focused and motivated .

    Keep going ! :-) xxx

  • I spent 52 years of my life thinking I wasn't meant to be a runner ! Run before it's too late .... Congrats on your impending wedding and yes, the treadmill counts as long as you are doing a running motion. Good luck.

  • Welcome Sarah! You are starting with the same intentions as many of us. Just be warned - it can be addictive! Good luck!

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