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So, tonight I've done week 1 day 2. Until this week I've never run in my life other than at sports days many moons ago.

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Welcome and check this post out :)

Take it slow and steady and keep posting for great support and advice:)

Cjf3267Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you I'll have a read through


You’re in the right place for support and guidance, and loads of encouragement. It’s like taking on the world, one run at a time. Enjoy!

Cjf3267Graduate in reply to furlmouse

Don't feel at the 'enjoy' stage yet but hopefully I soon will!

Hidden in reply to Cjf3267

I didn't at that stage & I had run before & experienced the "runner's high". I think it was W3 that I really started getting into the pace & enjoying it. Like others have said - slow & steady & gradually build it up. You're over the worst bit now you've started. Well done & good luck.

Babfab59 in reply to Cjf3267

I was well into my 3rd week then it suddenly hit me how much fun I was having, I actually enjoyed running/walking. I plan my days eels around it now. I’m still doing week 2 as I repeat days until I feel able to move on. It’s not a race, it’s making life changes for the rest of my life. Stick with it 👍😊


You made a great choice. Well done. I was like you 4 weeks ago. I’m in my week 4 now and running 5 mins non stop. Wouldn’t that be amazing once you reach that 👍🏼

And as all other advice you will read, take it slow and steady specially in current hot weather.

Good luck!

Cjf3267Graduate in reply to das_vikas

5 minutes sounds so undoable but hopefully I'll get there

AlMorrGraduate in reply to das_vikas

Hi das_vikas, I have just completed run 3 of round 3 which was OK, my legs felt a little sore after the first 3 minute run but with the 3 minute walk, then 90 seconds of walking and running, the final 3 minute run was fine with no soreness at all, tomorrow I will be on week 4, that means two 5 minute runs, as far as the weather, well its to get cooler.

Im in a similar boat. Its been 6 years since I last ran at all and am at day 1 or 2. Its rough at first, but I remember my old cross country coach always telling us that it takes 2 weeks to feel the affect of a workout. Don't get discouraged and take care of your body. It may take some time for your bones to build up the endurance to handle repeated pounding that comes with running.


We have just done Wk6 R2 and if you had told me that I would be at this level now when we started C25K, I wouldn't have believed it. I struggled to run for the one minute in week one! But here I am and did a full 20 minutes last run of week five and on Thursday I will do 25 minutes as the last run of week six. Feeling better for it and I'll never do a marathon at 67, but Park Runs are what I am aiming at.

I too am on week 1 day 2. Hopefully it will get easier as we get more used to it! Good luck!

Well done on getting started! Once you do, you just want to keep at it.


Well done that's fantastic, just keep it slow and steady 👍

Well done. Like previous post from Rumour I’m now at that stage too and would never have believed it. I honestly thought I could never run (shuffle) for more than a minute and that was a struggle. I am actually starting to believe I might make a park run. Keep going and keep reading these pages for support. Good luck xx


I am now on week seven having bitten the bullet to get off the couch , keep going you will amaze yourself its not about speed its about being active

It really works, fairly soon you will be talking running to everyone lol. Just take it slow and breathe.

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