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Hi all

I'm new to this running, I'm 60 this year and I've lost 5.5 stone over a couple of years and found I have more energy now , my job is a multi-drop delivery driver for a supermarket so upper body gets plenty of workout, just started couch to 5k and into week 3, I'm lucky enough to have the scenery of the Dorset coastline to look at while I am running, any body have any tips to make my run easier


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Great for getting to wk3, to be able to get to the end of each run just go slow that's what everyone is told on here good luck 😊😊


Slow down and slow down again as the runs get longer. It’s a great programme! Well done 👍🏽

Driverphil in reply to Tasha99

Thanks seems good advice 👌👍

Take it easy earlier on. I find I'm only running a tad quicker than walking but I'm told it doesn't matter. I tend to try to run faster on the final run for the last minute. Good luck


(Gets out old broken record) I’m always banging on about this - sorry! I love this way of running It’s low impact and great for those of starting our running not in the first flush of youth! As the durations increase it’s easy to become puffed out and think you can’t do it, but learning to run slowly will really help. The other thing is that it makes the running pleasurable rather than a slog! It’s an amazing journey this c25k - you’ll be staggered by what you can achieve. And a very friendly forum to cheer you on your way. Good luck!


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

Enjoy your journey.

Thanks all find I'm covering a greater distance each time, great boost to my self esteem 😎😎


They all say it! ‘Embrace your inner snail’ as I once read on here. Don’t try to kill yourself with speed. Pace is something to work on later. Get some miles in first. You’ve got a great location there so enjoy it. Don’t look too far ahead in the plan. You’ll be fine when you get there. Believe in yourself and feel proud of your achievements! And well done.😊


Hog Dp! Loads of us 60+ folk here so welcome to the club! Some good advice below, take it slooow and stay hydrated and you’ll nail it!


Post below should say Hi Dp not Hog.......!


Welcome. Congratulations on that weight loss. Upper body work is something many of us don’t do enough of, and it really does help the running, so your job is going to give you a little advantage there. Making it easier is just a case of slowing down... if you can’t talk it’s too fast, there’s no too slow... but you’ve done the hardest part of the plan now... running 30 minutes looks intimidating, but the plan will have your body ready for it... nothing prepares you for week 1. Great job so far... enjoy your journey.

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