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Oh no, results so bad careers teacher sent me to head teacher!

Oh crikey, just got report. I suppose I ought to let you in on the results. Some aren't too bad.

English - A+ reading excellent, great application

Maths - seems to have problems timekeeping

Chemistry - too little knowledge of periodic table

Biology - pathetic

Physics - no understanding of weights, measures and forces

Resistant materials - far too much time spent building

Textiles - paying no attention to Lycra

Graphic Design - n/a at present

Food Tech - needs to go to 'back to basics' lessons

History - lots of old stuff known

Art - n/a at present

Geography - no apparent knowledge of vicinity

PE - claiming to be training with Olympic athlete doubted

RE - says evangelistic teacher is off-putting

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Focus on resistant materials....looks promising.


Think it was the fact I concentrated on plastic cuboids that caused the probs.


Hmm Lego ? :-) xxx


Possibly, yes.


Must try harder Dozz, what about Languages ? Youre good at those Oui, Oui, Si Si ? :-) xxx


Good point, I should go back and demand results for that one.


Yeah, you will have a A++ for that, you can speak French, German , Spanish and Boll***ksology ! I am particularly fluent in the last language , as well you know Ha ha :-D xxx


Definitely! How's Doug, King of Pugs?


He is being a little git, I mean hes being a little darling :-)

Just been out on Pug Patrol, starting to become very cold with icy patches forming . Pah ! Hope it doesn't scupper my run for tomorrow ! xxx


Surely it's not the sainted Miss Laura who's being so problematic in RE! Could it possibly be her more enthusiastic acolytes? There is a noble history in RE of dissent against the established order. Perhaps, whilst benefiting from the clear message of Miss Laura's teachings, you need to feel a tad less guilt and a tad more affirmation (or vice versa) Maybe you're destined to become a disestablishmentarian. Perhaps it's sainted Miss Laura who's the problem and you need to find another teacher to help you with your RE lessons. Maybe you should start your own RE lessons! Or, to quote Pops, I could be talking boll**ksology! Actually, suspect I'm just procrastinating because it's flippin' cold and I'm supposed to be running but, in truth, I'm a wimp! Bring on the guilt!! ;)


Have begun business studies anew with St Laura. I shouldn't be mean about the RE teacher but reading his/her posts makes me feel totally incompetent.


Oh we all have teachers like that Sweetie. I spend me life feeling inadequate. The best bet is to stick your fingers in your ears and lalala really loudly. ;) A metaphorical punch up the bracket goes a long way too but can cause offence if you're found out! :D

Great news about your business studies though :)


Just this minute remembered a great quote I read the other day (quite possibly on here) Being a man of letters, you probably know it. Not sure whether it counts as History or Philosophy but old Teddy Roosevelt said, comparison is the thief of joy. He was a wise old bird!

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