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Oh Dear! Not Sure What's Happening to Me!!


Well, after graduating for the second time on Sunday, I had to miss my Tuesday run due to life getting in the way. I have been reading all the posts about B210k and decided to give it a try - WHAT? ME? It seems that completing C25K again has made me a bit more adventurous, I used to think 30 mins. running was more than enough, but not any more. I just completed run 1 of week 9 of B210k and still can't believe I completed it - 40 mins. of running. Could it be that one day I will be up there with JuicyJu and Danzargo (my hero and heroine-they are so cool!). Well, maybe that's stretching things a bit too much - after all, I will be 60 next month, but if I can just complete B210k I will be really happy with that (I think - but who knows now I've obviously got the addiction!). Thanks to you all for your encouraging posts. Happy running x

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I have just re graduated & thinking of doing the b210 k . Is it ok to do it this early on for me , I'm doing 5k in roughly 33.5 mins & only done 4 5ks since I graduated . I'm 56 . Yes danzargo & juicyju are my idols too . Maybe one day ......

runningnearbeirutGraduate in reply to Rockette

For an alternative approach see TurboTortoise's. post and the comments it raised here:


NaughtyNannaGraduate in reply to runningnearbeirut

Thanks runningnearbeirut, I just read TurboTortoise's post after I posted mine. Very sensible idea I think. x

Yes allready checked this post out , I think it's more sensible approach for me at my age & history of injury . I will be taking runninginberuits advice .

NaughtyNannaGraduate in reply to Rockette

Well done Rockette for graduating again. I'm not really worried about distance at the minute, I'm hoping that will come with time. I think I covered about 6.7k in the 54 mins, thats including the walking, so you would be fine x


Well done Nanna! It just goes to show what we can do when we set our minds to it. We can be really quite tough when needs be. We just need the push to set us off. C25k has wound us up and set us going. Good int it

I think taking it slow and building up gradually is a good plan, as is doing some strength exercise. I did some Jillian Michaels this afto. Sheesh

Rockette in reply to misswobble

I can't find time for my Jillian michaels , what wi work & running & swimming & cycling . What's this Nhs c25k doing to us !!


Oh gawd. I'd forgotten about my Jillian Michaels! Sheesh indeed! I do cycling and yoga as my only other " good for me things"... Now I feel guilty for neglecting Jillian :) Glad you're enjoying your addiction NN :)


I broke off from doing the DVD's but found that I wasn't fit enough to keep going with the longer distance runs, so I dragged by sorry a*se back to class.

I know Rockette! We've become exercise addicts. I was just a fat blob a few years ago but now I can't sit still. Woohoo.

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