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Oh my has Hades released Cerberus to stalk me? Have I upset Laura and just who is Julie anyway? Too posh for peas! Week 7 run 3 well sort of

Oh my has Hades released Cerberus to stalk me? Have I upset Laura and just who is Julie anyway? Too posh for peas! Week 7 run 3 well sort of

So this morning I had no choice but beg Laura for forgiveness as my phone was dead and therefore no runkeeper to keep track of my time, so I told the boys to all go home, it's girlie time.

Search for my podcasts and erm week 7 is totally missing, ok fear not use week 6 run 3 and that one was gone as well. Laura where have you hidden them from me? I know I said the music was rubbish but I'm sorry I didn't mean it, I neeeed you Laura.

Ok so week 8 was there, that's only a couple more minutes right and she is bound to give a warning near the end so I can just gauge my 25 minutes. Ok it's a plan. Ferd we are off.

"Ferd it's chilly I am trying to do a warm up walk do you have to stop and sniff every lamp post and pee on every gate post?"

Oh ok apparently you do, fine.

As I was having to guess my time a bit I decided to stick to the route for w7r2 and headed off down pass the man eating horses paddocks, thankfully it being early they were all safely locked away and onto the Erewash Valley Trial we go. Oh look it's the hounds of the baskervilles again, oh and they aren't labs they look like Rottweilers.

Oh ok the music isn't too bad so far. 5 minutes Laura tells me, I expect she thought I would crumble, but no I was prepared for her today, see Laura I'm fine ner ner na ner ner.

Keep on plodding.

You know I swear Ferdinand has been replaced by a pod person, or should that be pod dog. Again he was exceptionally well behaved.

Over the bridge and onto the towpath.

Wooh what was that? as a dark shadow streaks past, is it Cerberus? Does Hades enjoy a morning stroll along the Erewash Canal, with the delightful smell that's wafting over from the sewage plant? Oh no it's a young GSD erm where is is owner? I hope it's friendly! All was ok. Owner came into view and off Ferd and I went continuing our run.

Almost stop it's 'that' song I've heard about. Oh dear gods it's catchy isn't it, I fear with repeated listens it may meld itself into my brain.

Oh I still have enough breath to giggle.

Bliss early morning means no fishermen and no angry ankle biters.

14 minutes down.

Get to the lock and Ferd is really getting that he can't just streak across the road (tiny country lane hardly used but you never know, safety comes first).

With a backwards longing glance from Ferd we head on up the road, poor Ferd I think he was hoping to do some more swimming.

On we plod.

Oh look another red faced huff and puff runner being towed out by their dog, yay I'm not alone (I have seen no other runners enjoying the madness that comes with adding a dog in the mix). These dog really do like to look after their humans.

You have 5 more minutes to. Er ok Laura, er Laura wait does that mean I've done 25 minutes, oh no think it's basic maths, 28 minus 5. Erm oh god no, not enough oxygen in my brain for maths. Erm well if I make it up that hill I recon that's about 25 minutes it's around where I stopped the other day.

I can make it, I can make it, I can...... No can't who put this stupid slope here, why is it doing up instead of down, why didn't i do this loop but the other way. Oooh oh brain genius that way it would only be down slopes. Brian remember that for next time. Oh look we've made it.

Well I recon that's 25 minutes. Walk for a bit. Sneak in another bonus minute or so just to be sure.

And cool down walk.

No Ferd you can't go and see the horses, yes I know Daddy lets you but Daddy stupidly doesn't realise they eat people.

And the victory walk home. Ouch, oh that's not good, that's not good at all. Seems I did sprain my ankle when I rolled it the other day, there was only a little twinge running on it other than that felt fine until the victory walk became more of a limp and I swear the distance to my door increased. So I'm now in bed with my ankle elevated on a pillow wedge and being iced with one of my many ice packs.

I made it through week 7, I feel ready for week 8, but am I ready to listen to 'that' song another three times or will I have to deviate away from the podcast again to get through.

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Well done! Your runs all sound so much more exciting than mine even if the smell gets to you occasionally. Glad Ferd behaved. Xxx


Thanks. I have an active imagination I think that helps to keep it entertaining! I wasn't sure what was worse this morning the pollen (hayfever) or the sewage plant.


Ankle is fine no swelling or anything just hurts. Ice and a few days rest it will be right as rain


Sorry to hear about the ankle!!!! Bloody damn those ankles of ours. Ooops sorry for cursing! Keep up with the icing and elevation when you can.

Your dog sounds like he's getting into the hang of things. If he enjoys himself then he'll behave I know it, and your husband will be the one who gets the fun, games and and naughtiness. You're in control yer see and dogs respond to that. A bit like husbands I faind! Tee hee

Oh, so you've met Julie!


Curse away. Well so far I'm doing very well at keeping off of my ankle as I've had a lovely long post run victory sleep :D and then via the powers of wireless communication husband brought me a fresh ice pack, he so well trained, though not as well trained as the dog :p


Great run story, as usual. Such a shame about your ankle. Hope it's on the mend very soon x


Thank you. No swelling and I am icing and resting so I am confident it will be fine.


Oh dear I hope your ankle is feeling better now! :-)

What a run! Laura is becoming intolerable with her antics; nary a day goes by without someone having an issue with her and having to guess their way through a run! Well done on getting through it though! :-) I'm curious about the song, by the way! Just think though, each time you listen to that song, it signifies one more run completed; look on it as a good thing! Good luck for week eight, and hearing that song again! :-)


I don't want to spoil your journey. You will discover the Julie song when you get to week 8.

I think Laura and me are on a tentative reconciliation, we shall see how it goes.


Thanks for an entertaining write up as usual - I feel I know Ferd quite well! Sorry about the ankle - make sure you let it recover sufficiently before embarking on week 8. Not far off graduation now!


I have been resting all day while my servant has attended to my needs - cups of tea, lunch, ice packs, dinner and even chocolate digestives. I won't be starting week 8 unless I am confident the ankle will hold out.


Well done in getting the run out of the way - not so with Julie I'm afraid. She pops up quite a lot between now and graduation! Sorry the ankle isn't so good - hope this heals quickly. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.


Thank you. I'm going to be singing it by then end aren't I? Ankle is being looked after it's not such a bad sprain just sore, but I am making sure it gets rested.


Julie could become an earworm! Cheers.


Don't worry about Cerberus.........Julie is the one you need to be concerned about........your life will never be the same again. Good luck.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Julie is one of the special things about NHS C25K. One way or another she's motivational!


Truly! I've had enough of Julie! LOL

Hope the ankle's getting better Spoons


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