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The morning after the night before - man candy marathon, my new training partner ;) and that's Week 9 Run 2 done

The morning after the night before - man candy marathon, my new training partner ;) and that's Week 9 Run 2 done

No dizzy spells yesterday and a belly full of dinner meant that I was gonna be good to go this morning. So early night, but first movie. Ummmm the last wolverine movie or iron man.... The tough decisions I have to make.

Ok Wolverine seeing as I have been working through the xmen movies, which lead me up to bed time ready to get a good nights sleep. Erm I could squeeze in Iron Man as well.....

So 1am I turn off the iPad and go to sleepy land dreaming of the ever so lush RDJ.

I promise this will the the last you will hear of my exploits with man candy. I shall try to not let my Tony Stark obsession/addiction get the better of me, I know you probably thought Hugh Jackamn was my main man but no alas he is no more than a distraction, I have an RDJ addiction ....

But it's a good thing I have an active imagination so I can day dream during my runs which effectively means I can have anyone as a training partner and today's was by far the best *sniggers*

Ok so 5.30am roll back over and snooze til 6.30 all the while trying to decide if I really should go out on limited sleep.

Get up get dressed (drag my training partner out of bed ;) )

Oooh I will finally get to run in the rain.

Warm up walk, I couldn't decide which route I wanted to take:

Option 1 - Ferd stays on the lead for the beginning and gets off lead time at the end. Shorter route.

Option 2 - Ferd gets run free time and then on the lead for the rest of the run. Longer route.

I didn't make up my mind till I got there, option 2 was picked.

Raining meant we were the only ones out there. Warm up done and off we start.

My limping hobble until I find my stride, seems to take my extra dodgy knee a while to get into the swing of things.

Do I hear the baying of hounds? Are we about to come upon a hoard of ravenous beast?

Oh no, nothing, maybe I imagined it. On we run, still alone.

Through puddles we go, oh how refreshing. Light drizzle.

Ferd time for your lead, and the small section I have to walk - up an embankment to get canal side and down the path a smidge and through a stupid gap thing to make cyclist dismount, but also you can't run though it cause you sort of have to squish through. Who ever dreamt them up is an idiot. Grrr.

Ferd no.

No Ferd I don't want to go swimming.

A person on the other side, we are no longer alone. Soon they are left behind as onwards we run.

Ferd come on.

I have to say Ferd was pretty good today on his lead.... Well mostly.

Still alone.

What on earth is that? As I spot something strange up ahead. It takes flight. A heron. I haven't seen one of those round these parts before.

Rain starts to come down heavier and thats when it gets interesting if you are blind as a bat and wear glasses.

Ok so I am not totally blind, I am short sighted. I find it disorientating without my glasses as the distance becomes a blur and about all I can do is say person shaped blob approaching.

We ran past, glasses perched on the top of my head, oh I hope they don't jiggle off, check to make sure they are still there.

Power song and we speed up.

What. Oh gods not again. Stupid shoe lace has come undone again. It's always the same shoe, I tie both shoes the same way so why do one persist in thwarting my efforts.

Stop, deal with offending laces. Stand up and legs are like jelly, they weren't ready to stop, on we go but momentum has been lost.

Check time about to stop. 35 minutes and 4.1k hell to stopping on we go. I have found the key to my success I really don't thrive with time checks. But I find it tough, pace and stride have gone to pot after lace incident. I just can't get it back so I stop, 40 minutes and 4.6k I am happy with that.

Happy walk home in the rain with hungry rumbly belly and feeling proud.

Home and post run routine, feed the mini zoo, toast and tea. Crawl out of wet running gear into pyjamas and snuggle in bed, with a wet spaniel.

I have returned the mouse (cause I am LittlemouseLilly and ahem sometimes Iron Mouse) is strong. Woohoo, one more run to go.

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Well done Spoonie!! and Ferd... :) send him a pat from me! Well done!! with all that grit and determination you will sail through graduation. Hope you relax now and enjoy some more movies, with steaming wet Ferd indulging in some sleep too! :) Great blog again............. :)


Thank you.

I am indulging in some ps3 time this afternoon :)

Ferd is snuggled up under a blanket, he had a nice shower today. For some reason he doesn't like the nice clean warm water and yet thinks nothing of yucky stinky water.



aah cute! George dog's labrador friend likes to sit down in large puddles -very funny! sticky water is always best for dogs, though George does like the clear water of the local ford too! nice for drinking! :) enjoy your ps3


Well done Spoonie Ironmouse another great run ticked off for you and Ferd (I wonder if they do dog graduation badges?) Get some rest in now, cos graduation approacheth mighty fast. Take care x


Thank you. Yes I think Ferd definitely deserves a graduation badge. Resting is being done, indulging with some gaming and then there maybe a bed time movie ;)


Very well done, Spoonie, and Ferd too, of course. Another amusing and interesting Run Report, as ever. :-) Your graduation, it awaits! You did well anyway, but exceptionally well given the lack of sleep you had!

With regards to cinematic viewing, I may as well take this opportunity to say I too indulged in the films yesterday. Went with a friend to see the Postman Pat Movie and Blended. Blended was truly superb, the most I'd laughed at a film in goodness knows how long. And, of course, Postie Pat should be ample Man-Candy for your fine self, dear Spoonie. He knows how to deliver.

Happy resting, always, and onward, to your (and Ferd's!) graduation. Onward!


Thank you.

Postman pat may know how to deliver (could he teach it to Royal Mail) but alas I don't think he makes the man candy grade, unless he goes drag racing with his pimped up delivery van at nights, nos primed and ready to burn rubber and then onto a well planned heist involving precision driving! - ooooh Postman Pat does fast and furious *giggles* Or maybe by night he become a mask and cape wearing crime fighter?


Hmmmmmm, that could be the sequel: Postman Pat: Extreme Heist! You're right though; there is, however, an army of Patbots in the film; not candy of any description, but surely can't do a worse job than Royal Mail!


You're not going to share your man-candy with us again? So disappointed! With pics like that up there I should think it's compulsory for you to share!

I'm staying at my B-I-L's this weekend so got to run along a canal as well, lovely level run, back along the seafront wasn't as nice though, I could see where I had to get to all the way from where I started and it seemed to take forever to get any closer!

Well done on 9:2, roll on your graduation run!


Thank you.

Well I am sure if you know it's a requirement I could continue to share man candy pictures, you know we've got to do all we can to keep motivated ;)


Well done Spoonie - glad you are feeling better again. Really looking forward to reading your graduation blog!


Thank you


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