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I didn't go out for a run..... Honest. It wasn't me. Good morning Mr Toad. Week 8 complete. Shhhhhhh Zzzzzzz

I didn't go out for a run..... Honest. It wasn't me. Good morning Mr Toad. Week 8 complete. Shhhhhhh Zzzzzzz

Urgh 5am let's go back to sleep.

5.15am why am I still awake?

5.30am fine I may as well get up now and take Ferd for his walk before it gets hot.

We located his harness yesterday afternoon in the kitchen hiding under a tea towel, and that's where I found it this morning.

Oh how did that happen Ferd I appear to have the Lycra wonder outfit on.

Dum de dum dum de dum.

And 5:50 warm up complete we are off.

We take it steady. Ferd remains on the lead.

Oh isn't it a lovely morning with the mist rolling over the canal, fish phone out of bra for a quick snap, stuff back into bra so it can merrily resume it's conversation with my boobs, I occasionally hear the app whittering on about something but with the ear buds attached to my iPod it's never clear, god knows what anyone must think if they pass at the moments it pipes up. The running lady with the amazing talking knockers.

Anyway carry on.

Ferd I am attached, as he tries to launch himself into the canal, thankfully disaster was averted, but it didn't stop him from trying on a few occasions.


Woah, woo, what?

I hear this god awful noice, there is nothing, no one around. There be dragons!

On we carry.

Seems this really is the magic time of aloness.

Cyclist, he says something as he passes but hey ear buds I can't make it out.

Onwards we go, entering shelobs lair, umm she hasn't reset her traps from the other day, good onwards we can forge.

Over the bridge.

Ferd you can run free now.

Er Ferd wait, I spot a man in the bushes smoking. I then spot his beast of a dog tethered to a long line.

Ferd sorry back on your lead as we stand and wait for the man and hell beast to pass curseing the loss of momentum.

Freedom for Ferd and back to running for me.

I am getting tired now, knee is starting to protest but on I travel. Onwards we go.

I'm hungry.

And time.

Wooohooo we made it all in one piece.



I spot something as I walk past and then realise it's Mr Toad, I stop and we converse for a bit, morning pleasantries.

Homeward bound.


Not long now and we spot the house.

I need a wee.

Hose off Ferd, feed the majority of the hoard, strip and crawl back into night clothes, toast, tea and bed.

Week 8 is done.

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Hehe, what an eventful run you had! And I thought I was up with the lark at 7.

Congratulations on finishing week 8, onwards and upwards.


Thank you, I'm normally out sometime between 6.30 and 7 so it was refreshing getting out even earlier


Last lap now Spoonie - sounds like a lovely run with the world to yourself and Ferd!


Thank you.

Can't believe there are only 3 runs of the programme left


Great stuff, Spoonie! It does seem the early morning runs are the most eventful; I bet one man and his beast in the undergrowth was a bit of a surprise!

Mr Toad does look rather imposing, sat there merrily!

Congratulations on completing week eight; graduation week awaits the fearless crosser of counties!


The man really was a surprise, why would you step away from the path in amongst the bushes to have a smoke!

Eeeep 3 more runs, and I've even signed up for parkrun


I agree, that is baffling! :-| Oh, cool; are you doing one the coming weekend? I've been registered a couple of weeks and am seriously considering doing my local one on Saturday.


Yes going on Saturday and I can't back out now as I have the support of another parkrun virgin, and a friend I met through photography who did c25k last year and kept on running who understands about the anxiety and she still gets nervous beforehand and some other people from a local women's fb running group. Eek. People. Me. Lycra. Er, might grab a baggy tshirt instead.


Oh that'll be great; sounds like it will be good fun! Well I'll be doing my first Parkrun alone, but will be running with you in spirit and supporting you from afar. :-) Another photography enthusiast here, by the way, but not done any for a while with one thing and another.


Im a member of a great photo journal site


Well done on completing week 8 - now you are on countdown to the biggie! Good luck with the first run of, what is, graduation week. Best wishes.


Thank you. I can quite believe it, don't really think I believed I'd get this far but I have :D

3 more runs to go


Reading your posts over the past weeks and seeing how you have worked so hard to overcome the situations that your medical condition throws at you I don't think there was ever any doubt that you would succeed. What's the old saying "The onlooker sees most of the game". You'll graduate okay, never doubt that. Cheers.


What a fantastic post and a great way for you to finish up week 8. You certainly look to have some lovely (and lively) places to run!

Only 3 more runs to go - can't wait for your graduation post! Happy running!