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Z3R1 - a new week and well who could resist this face?

Z3R1 - a new week and well who could resist this face?

So I woke up this morning 5.30, nah too early. 6.30 ummm I'm tired. 7.30 nah I can't be arsed to go for a run, I'm too tired anyway I just don't feel like it. Get up for a wee and return to bedroom to see an expectant spaniel "walkies mummy please" oh ok Ferd.

So off we walk for the warm up while I decide if I am going to have a short or long run, decided that either way I start off on the same route so I could make up my mind as I went.

Zombies are go. Erm why aren't I running? Er hello legs we should be running, brain, brain, turn the running gears on. Eventually I got started, it felt like a real effort to pick my feet up and start to move beyond a walk. I have no idea why, once I get started I enjoy it so why the reluctance?

Nice a slow. Zombie chase accomplished.

And round onto the canal "hello coots tis I 'runner 5' and battle dog"

No spiders webs to deal with today.

On I go.


It's ok Ferd can get in and out of this stretch of canal by himself, but I slow to barely moving while he catches up having a lovely swim.


Over the lock and it's time to put Ferd back on the lead as the family of swans lives in this section and I really don't want Ferd to try chasing them.

On we go and the decision has been made long run.

Across the next lock. Onwards. Under the bridge onwards. Zombie chase.


Phone is out of charge, what do I do? Turn back and the quick way home or continue on the long route. Continue on. But I feel thrown and my ankle is starting to niggle. At about 30 minutes in it's time to take the path down the embankment, to reach another stretch of the trail and the homeward bound journey. I decide to walk, it's rough terrain, stones and very unforgiving underfoot, I didn't want to risk slipping wrong and then a painful loooooooog limp home. I estimate the walk was around 5 minutes maybe 8 before I start running again, after Ferd has had a swim in the River Erewash.

Run. Stop while Ferd says hello to another dog. Run. Spot another dog, it's on it's lead, I call Ferd but he decides I am to be ignored, he very rarely ignores me out of the canal. He goes up to the other dog before I can get to him and gets snarled and snapped at - serves him right. Thankfully he didn't get bitten. I wish more people knew about the yellow scheme for grumpy dogs, if he'd have had a yellow lead or bandana then I would have known he needed space and to not allow Ferd to approach and I would have taken a different approach at getting cloth ears back to me before any potential harm could have taken place.

I walk. I'm no longer feeling it, it's hard to get going again. I am still some way from home. Come on I tell myself to that post, to that tree, to that bend, to that clump of weeds, to that brown whatever, to that cow parsley, to that next clump of cow parsley, to the post and so on until I was almost at the road.

And the cool down walk home pass fence biting horse, horse that looks like it might be ok and zombie horse.

I then get stopped by a white a van asking me directions, haha lucked out with me, sorry I haven't got a clue.

So distance today erm yep but over 5k, I'm allowing the walking it was for health and safety and then intervals, not gremlins at all, ok maybe a little on the last bit but I did start running again so ner.

Pace erm slower than treacle.

Total time well your guess is as good as mine.

And as for being tired, well actually my run gave me sparkly energy for the rest of my day. How does that work anyway? ........ Magic


Oh and I had my parkrun icebun reward this evening :)

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Park run iced bun!! You kept that quiet! LOL I want one now. See what you did. Tsk


I published my parkrun reward system in a post a while ago :D

Attend park run = 1 iced bun

Run all the way round = 2 iced buns

Get a PB = 3 iced buns

I do normally only get those little iced buns.

Only can you believe I actually forgot claim my reward until today.

Shhh I also had pudding hot jam sponge thing with raspberry ripple ice cream.

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Ah yes Spoonie, I remember your Parkrun Reward System! :-) Hope you enjoy joyed the delicious iced bun!

LOL at Ferd! Look at that face! :-) That sounded like some run; well done for sticking it out! I hope your ankle has stopped niggling now? Bloody ankles and their twinges. Mine seems okay for now; I'll find out in the morning. Either the three days rest has calmed it, or the assault of foam rollering I've subjected it to since Saturday. I hope your ankle is niggle-free now!

Nice Run Report, as ever! :-)


It's still niggling, it's my niggly ankle, it's not injured it's just wonky, I'll wear a support for a few days and see how I go.

Hope your morning run goes well and your ankle is recovered.


loved reading this, as always x


Thank you


I enjoy your posts :-)

I have questions about the reward scheme...

A) can iced buns be substituted by big iced doughnuts?

2) what do you get if you part walk the Parkrun?

B) what happens if you get home and other family members have pigged all the treats?



A) yes if you like doughnuts

2) just 1, or two if you still get a PB

B) Mr Mouse wouldn't dare :)


Thank you for clearing that up :-)


Ah yes, the iced bun reward system. I must have subconsciously absorbed that particular idea because I had an iced bun at lunchtime and felt compelled to run this evening. Obviously feeling guilty for eating said reward without doing the run first :)

Nice run report again Spoonie. Hope the ankle's ok tomorrow :)


Iced buns are great for motivation, I keep meaning to try out a recipe to make my own :)

It's only bread and icing afterall and both are easy to make (and even easier if you have a bread maker with a dough setting ;) )


Oh I need a parkrun reward scheme too! I'm behind by 4 iced buns so far! :-O That needs putting right soon!

Ferd is lovely! Xx


Yes you totally need a reward system for parkruns :)




I love reading your posts, they are always so entertaining. Love the ice cake reward scheme....I think may have to adopt it for any cake reward scheme......particularly a goof Victoria sponge cake.......mmmmm, yum, now where are those running shoes! Oh and Ferd is just the definetely could not resist those beautiful eyes.


Cake reward systems are the only way to go :D


Cake reward system sounds a FAB idea! i must have known that subconsciously as i made raspberry and coconut muffins for my friends hen picnic on saturday pm and ate at least 2! i did run all the way but no PB this week :( but 4 garmin pbs so that should count, maybe i'm owed 1 more?!!

Ferd is just the sweetest spaniel i have seen in a long time :)

well done on that determination of yours and getting to the end of your run .... :)


Yep you've definite earnt more cake :)


Spectacular face!! It reminds me of Mrs K in the morning!! OK, she is up before me and I couldn't look like that due to a distinct lack of hair.

I love the iced bun system (or sticky bums) as they are known here. I shall adopt somethig similar, but possibly with Pimm's!! Think about a Parkrun, 1 glass ~ talk about a Parkrun, 2 glasses...and on it goes until I am so full of Pimm's that I float along on my run, and there is no pain, only lovely things all the way round...


Ummm I wonder how long it was take you to get round a parkrun full of Pimms :D

I'm not sure Mrs K would like to be referred to as a dog in the mornings!? Unless of course you are just referring to Ferdinand's wonderful mop of hair.


The hair, the hair!!!!!! Honestly!!!




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