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Mean Man. Are the Vikings invading? We're not in Kansas any more! Week 8 Run 1 the reboot with my own playlist - Done


I debated rolling back over and snuggling back down. So very tired. I have been doing battle with a head full of bees for a while and its getting very wearing. But up I got.

Lycra wonder outfit - check

ipod - check

poor excuse for a smart phone - check

Battle dog - check

Huge sunglasses - check

And off we went.

Erm Ferd it still seems very bright and why is every thing still fuzzy. Ooops dumb blonde moment sunglasses (prescription) are still perched on top of my head.

Ok Ferd we are going back to that other route but we will continue on today and loop round.

Power music on, the rest of the warm up walk

First up we have 'I've got a theory' from the Musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Ok planning for battle. This was followed by 'Walk through Fire' again from the musical episode of Buffy - Ok we are walking to the battle now are we all ready.

And Runkeeper on.

Good Morning Mr Meat Loaf back again, what delights have we today? Oh Paradise by the dashboard light. Ok then we are off.

"it never felt so good, it never felt so right" (see the song is totally about running ;) )

The rather appropriately 'Pain' by Nerf Herder as I get a twinge in my knee, but then its gone and its all good.

We haven't seen anyone, where are all the dog walkers, cyclist and runners of the other day? But its fine I prefer to be alone.

Ummm I spot a cyclist ahead better keep an eye out.

Oh er where did they go? Did I imagine the cyclist! Am I in Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire? I know I start in Nottinghamshire. Ummm think it sounds nicer to say I go running in Derbyshire.

Time for the Megadeth boys to join me, I bid farewell to Nerf Herder. I have no idea how long I have been running and its great I am just doing it as 'Train of Consequences' starts up, but I must be about half way.

Oh a person. Oh they have a white staffy, better put Ferd on the lead (he was attacked by one and so I am extra cautious), I also take out one ear bud and as I am walking past the man says something but I didn't quite catch it and it wasn't until I started to jog off that my brain caught up. I think he was mean, I think he said 'you go out of the house looking like that'. I almost jogged back to confront him, but thought that was silly. I may have misheard and anyway I was alone essentially in the middle of nowhere and for the first time I actually felt a little concerned about my safety.

I let Ferd off and then realised we were already up at the canal and put Ferd back on the lead.

And we're off yay its the Julie song - a little bit of cheese and because well I figured you cant do these final weeks without the famous song :D

I then get joined by the Ugly Kid Joe boys for 'Everything about you' and decided it was safe to let Ferd back off the lead. BIG mistake.

Ferd No.

Ferd No. No. er No.



Oh for the love of all that is holy why? Why me!

Pause ipod.

Ferd come.

Ferdinand Come.




NOW *guttural growling commands now*

Eventually he comes back. Only this is a section of the canal he cant get out of by himself and so I had to drag him out and of course there was stinging nettles.

Unhappy spaniel on the lead.

I have no idea how long the unintentional break was but I guess around 5 minutes.

Resume ipod and running.

Now time for 'Hard Rock Hallelujah' by Lordi - well it was Eurovision last weekend so why not have the 2006 winning act :D

Ferd my pace not yours.

Oh a boat. Is is a Viking Long boat? Are we about to be invaded. Was rude man a Viking scout?

Ok so it was a canal boat, but I like my little world in my head sometimes it seems so much more interesting.

I have no idea how long I've been running. And then the power song, the perfect song for the end and flagging legs. The instant smile and the come on we can do this, we still have something left in the tank lets speed it up......

.....'Firestarter' ............

By none other than Braintree's finest the Prodigy.

It takes me back to rollerworld and Saturday nights skating. It takes me back to the V festival. It makes me smile and speed up.

I had no idea how long I'd done, fish phone out of bra, oh 33 minutes ooops but I did stop to deal with Ferd so I think I probably have done my 28 minutes.

Slow it down. But Firestarter is still blasting in my ears and I want to run. So I do, I carry on but with a few intervals of walking and sprints.

Its amazing.

And the cool down walk - back to Nerf Herder and this time 'Run'.

Turn off Runkeeper.

I had a 40 minute playlist and Prodigy was meant to be my cue for the final push and was placed accordingly in my playlist, only then I fiddled with track order so it got pushed further back oops - So I ended up running for longer than intended, but I did it.

Go me.

I am still upset by the mean man.

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An eventful morning by the sounds of it spoonie.

That looks quite bad. Not bad enough to stop you though. War tunes did their trick.

Best to ignore those dull jealous types I find. You brough a 'splash' ( ahem) of colour to the morning.

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to runner56

Thank you. Yes war tunes definitely did the trick.


Goodness, Spoonie, what an eventful run! And what a horrid man; why would anyone say anything like that to someone?! Well, you can change your clothes; he's stuck with that awful attitude. The vikings should have taken that dolt with them. *nods*Ignore the boring dullard and run on!

Go you indeed; you did get, despite everything that happened. I hope your nettling bumps have eased now. LOL, I saw your map and recognised the A610 as being in Nottinghamshire. :-)

Your play list sounds most interesting too. Well done on a great run (that rhymes!) and onward to the next, nasty man free run!

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to Miles_Yonder

But you see it's on the edge of Nottinghamshire, if I cross the road to Langley Mill I'm in Derbyshire, it really is very confusing, I think I will have to get a map at some point and see where the county line is :)

I've decided the man was just mean (and fat so who was he to judge, and bald and unfit and a waste of space).

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to spoonierunning

I checked I do take my morning runs in Derbyshire :)

Miles_YonderGraduate in reply to spoonierunning

Ahhhh, I see. I'm not overly familiar with the area. I get to suburbs and districts of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire quite often with work but always associate the A610 with Nottingham, but I know it goes through Derbyshire too. Nice and scenic, Derbyshire. :-)

I've noticed that the rude folk who shout/say things like that tend to be of larger proportion. The woman who shouted 'chop chop' at me was quite overweight. No-one should judge anyone but really, having a dig at a passing runner when one could do with a bit of exercise oneself is both low and preposterous. He's just jealous, I imagine, Spoonie.


Great blog Spoonie. Do you think you'll ever have a boring run? From a selfish point of view, I hope not because I love your stories. I love your play list too. What great choices.

Can't believe mean man could be so rude. That's some seriously bad Kama he's storing up for himself! Well done on an epic run. Hope you've got some calamine lotion for that nettle rash xx

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to AncientMum

Erm boring with my imagination probably not :D

No lotion, but took tablet and ignoring it, swelling has gone now just a slight tingle if I brush it on something. Didn't notice it at all until I got home.


Flipping 'eck Spoonie ! I love your blog/posts , very entertaining, apart from that rude man of course ! Have you got any photos of Ferd please ? Would love to see them if so :-) What app is that youre using ? Blimey, hark at me with all the questions !, sorry :-) xx

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to poppypug

Thank you.

Erm app that tracks time is runkeeper.

And app that I do the split photos in is instapicframes, but there are loads out there.

Pictures of Ferd can be found on his very own blog


poppypugGraduate in reply to spoonierunning

Aw Ive just had a look at Ferds blog ! He loves swimming doesn't he ? He looks adorable :-) xx Thanks for the info

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to poppypug

Yes he really does love swimming and coot chasing


I love your posts ! Keep them up after graduation please!!!!

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