Couch to 5K

w3r1 complete

woohoo - well that went better than I imagined. It was a bit of a strain toward the end, but I made it. My back is aching slightly, I'm not sure what that is (maybe breathing). It doesn't hurt, just aches a bit, so a warning rather than an injury. And I need to do something about breathing. Halfway through the second 3' run I panicked a bit because my breathing went all over the place.

So I need to research back ache and breathing. But I feel great and I can't wait to do w3r2

Have a great time tonight everyone. Send the year out with a bang.

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Well done! Hope you manage to sort out your back ache and breathing for your next run. Happy New Year! :)


not sure if it's cool to reply to your own post, but rather than start a new one...

did a w2 r5 today , but outside! I am amazed how different it actually is. I ran on grass 'cos of dogs on the paths (I don't like dogs at all), and got mud all over my trainers and trousers. Live and learn. I ran really slow and had no problem breathing, and could have carried on a bit longer.

I had to clean up my trainers when I was done. I got in the shower and rubbed them down with a wet cloth, but some water inevitably got inside. I hope they aren't ruined. How do other's clean up trainers?


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