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This is my first post, I felt I needed to say thanks to all of you before 2014 is gone.

I'm 41 years old, female and I started running last July. I complete C25 in nine weeks and I've running since then. Now, I'm running 35/40km a week.

It was an amazing change in my life. I moved to London 18 months ago as a "trailing spouse" and it was really difficult for me, I won 7 kg (1 stone?) in few months and I felt sad and ugly. Running helped me recover my self-esteem and my sense of achievement.

I've been reading your posts and it gave me a feeling of being part of something, thanks again and happy new year!

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  • Hi Joela happy new year to you :D another success story from C25K :D well done and happy running :D

  • well done to you! hoping I can follow in your footsteps, thanks for sharing xxx

  • Welcome to the forum - You are doing brilliantly - 35K a week is tremendous - a real achievement - well done and a very happy new year to you. :)

  • Yeah that's loads. Your figure will benefit and you'll be sylph-like in no time, fit as a butcher's dog too.

    Run your way through 2015 as we are all hoping to do

  • Hi and welcome! What a fantastic distance each week! Glad it's made such a difference. It's wonderful having this virtual running team for support, encouragement and sharing isn't it? Running buddies who 'get it' the length and breadth of the country and beyond!

  • Fantastic Joela well done and Happy New Year

  • Hello. Sounds like you're doing incredibly well and you're doing an inspirational distance! Happy New Year!

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