Where would I be without you lot eh? I so appreciate all the supportive posts and by way of proof, I went out today and clocked a 29 minute 5K. And with minimum agony too (which is a bonus).

A lot of you have said that strengthening the core muscles is so important - and it concurs with everything that I've read about this. Apparently the hips are the most important of the joints to strengthen, for us folk who like a bit of running in our lives. I've found some exercises that I'm gonna do as well - and they are exactly the same ones that I used to do when I joined a pilates class a couple of years ago. In fact, I've even gone and bought ANOTHER bit of gear - a pilates stretchy band thingy! What with all my running clothing, my Brooks shoes, my big fat pink foam roller, compression shin/calf guards and now my elastic band stretchy thingy, my house is a veritable gymnasium of equipment! I'm determined to sort this leg pain out once and for all!

Once I heaved myself out of bed this morning and cleaned my teeth, made a power juice and donned my SuperDan costume I was ready to hit the great outdoors. I decided to wear my beanie and my gloves cos it was a bit parky out there this morn. "How are your legs?" asked Mrs Dan - I replied "They're ok today. I think. I hope." and bid her a cheery farewell as I closed our front door.

I'd decided to just do 5K today so I set off along the river and reached the big A road that links St Margarets to Richmond. The pavement along here is usually deserted, which makes for a great running track and I started up the looonnng incline over Twickenham Bridge. Suddenly I was aware of loads of people! I mean, throng loads of people. I had to side step, out of the way of them all, as I plodded along and when I reached the summit of the bridge I saw what all the fuss was about. The Richmond HM was in the closing stages and there were loooooooooads of runners. I kept going and looked at all the exhausted runners trudging across Old Deer Park towards the finishing line. The finishing line is where I would leave the A road and run across the park and it was really fun watching everyone yelling encouragement to the finishers. It made me think that one day I really must do one of these group runs cos usually I shy away from group situations, preferring the solitude of my thoughts and agonies!

I ran across the park as tons more runners worked their way in the opposite direction towards the finishing line which was now a good kilometre behind me. I reached Richmond Bridge and felt great - more HM runners were jogging very slowly and painfully past me back towards the park and I wondered how the hell anyone can do FOUR TIMES the distance I was running today! That particular thought nearly made me collapse right there! I am so in awe of those that can do this sort of distance.

I powered on over the bridge and back down to the river t'wards home. I definitely felt lighter today - literally because I weighed myself a couple of days ago and was another 3lbs lighter than before. So now at 12 stone 3lbs I should be putting less pressure on my joints - or at least that's the theory! Anyway I felt my phone buzz at the 5K mark and I stopped running and took a sneaky peak at the time. 29 mins dead - which was good enough for me. A warm luxurious jacuzzi awaited my sweating body and I moaned with ecstasy as the water jets massaged my legs and hips.

Thanks again for all your support of late. It really does make a BIG difference.......


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28 Replies

  • Great post Dan! Congrats on the 29 minute 5k and the challenges of running against a HM crowd.

    This really is a GREAT forum! All so positive, witty and kind to each other. Really good!

    I am going to do a Parkrun next Saturday. It will be interesting but I doubt it will be anywhere near 29 minutes! I am hoping to be experienced enough now to complete it. (packed in after 500m last time) I don't care if I am last, all I really want to finish it. Your mad stories will be ringing in my ears! :) I have just come back from 8.45km and feeling fine. Took me 1:24:30. Slow I know but I should manage the distance now!


  • 8.45K? WOW! That's incredible. And good luck on next weeks parkrun too.

  • I'd love to do a 5 k. I just wanna run on some flat!

    Well done Dan. I hope you enjoyed your hard-earned bubbly bath. Your knees and hips should feel better for shedding some weight and doing a bit of stretchy yoga type moves with your new piece of elastic. You've Been Framed visions loom into my minds eye. LOL

  • Hahaha! I know! I can't wait to post stories about my using the stretchy band thingy.

  • I just love the thought of Super Dan. Is Mrs Super Dan pleased with her new moniker? Love your posts :) x

  • Thank you kickibro. Mrs SuperDan just baked apple muffins so she's MRSSUPERDUPERDAN now!

  • Oooh, you want to be careful there, that might be the 3lbs right back if she keeps that sort of thing up.

  • brillo Mr DF...see, you are on top!! Well done on the weight loss thats a great weight to be!! You must post a pic of you wearing your new stretchy band thing ( does it wrap round your whole body like a mummy?)...showing off your new svelte physique!!

  • Hahaha!'s not something you wear! It's just a strip of rubber with a handle on each end. Tesco's love. Six quid. A bloomin' Bar-Gain. I'm very pleased to be svelte once again. The Mr Podge "look" wasn't really ever me you know.......

  • Blimey WTF do you do with that then?

  • It's not as sexual as I made it sound Juju. Don't get too over excited! You wrap it around your feet, lean back and push. Resistance love. Everyone needs a bit of resistance to stretch those muscle groups other rubber things cannot reach!

    Time for a gin and tonic I think!

  • I see!! And yes it so is... Unfamiliar territory DF ... I have no idea!

  • Happy days Dan. Keep posting: I find your posts wonderful reading & inspiring. It's good to be reminded how much fun running is, especially the way you sell it :-)

  • You are too kind. Thank you.

  • Glad you are now running without pain and hope your legs continue to improve. Carry on posting as it keeps the rest of us on our toes and enjoying the humorous way you tell it. Enjoy your stretchy band - I've got a set of them but haven't got around to using them as I find Pilates does the job without equipment at this stage. I know what you mean about a home gym with all this stuff - amazing how well one can do without machines and still have a home gym. I have free weight which I use with some of the Pilates exercises. Keep running, keep posting and keep laughing. Best wishes.

  • Thanks fitmo. And I agree with you....why pay £50 and upwards a month for stuff you can do at home!

  • So good to see your coming back. Your time and distance are a testament that your on the right path. I understand what your saying I really have to work on stretching. I start my triathlon training this week and I think if I want to make progress I have to find the time to add in some good stretches. I am just really bad at finding the motivation but hoping I can force myself. Happy running your going great guns.

  • Good luck with that triathlon training rfc. I am in awe!

  • Ooh I'm adding a stretchy bandy thingy to my list too dan , along with all the other bits & bobs . Congratulations on your successful 5k

  • Well done Dan, great that your legs behaved! Watch out for the stretchy bandy things, they cause chaos at our Pilates class!

  • The mind boggles.....although images of people getting slapped around the face by a stretchy band out of control springs to mind!

  • Yep, that's about right. We also use squishy hand-ball sized balls too, with hilarious consequences!

  • I hate gym tackle so having none of it at our house cos it's just an excuse for my husband to use it as a wardrobe or an underpant festooner. I do have a set of baked bean tins though. Go me!

  • I'm presuming you've eaten the beans first...?

  • Well done Dan! Love reading about your escapades.

  • Thank you choccychic. And what a great name!!

  • Cheers, bet u can't guess why I'm overweight lol

  • No Dan, you leave the bean tins unopened. They're doubling as weights d'yer see? Us peasants have to improvise. LOL

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