Apologies for the length of this post. I don't normally contribute to forums but having recently completed the 9 week programme and a regular, anonymous, reader of the forum posts I thought I needed to register to post my thanks and add my tuppence worth.

The reason I've taken up running is that I'm in my fifties, my job isn't physically demanding and other than walking our dog I don't get a great deal of exercise. I thought about different activities but most of them have fairly high startup costs whereas running is relatively cheap or at least manageable. I had downloaded the C25K app so armed with my iPhone, some music and of course Laura, I started out on week 1 wearing an old pair of jogging bottoms, a cotton t-shirt (that got heavier with every step) and a pair of pretend trainers. As I've progressed I've added a couple of bits to my new wardrobe to get me through the programme and Christmas will hopefully add enough to get me by.

If ever there was a time to give up it's after running for 8 x 60 seconds in that first session, when you're gasping for breath during the cool down walk (or crawl) and thinking "what an idiot, I'm not up to this". Over the weeks that feeling has gradually passed although the trepidation caused by each new stage in the 9 week programme never really left me. I was increasing in confidence week by week, often after reading comments on this forum, but each week brought a new challenge from Laura. Now that I've finished all I can say is listen to everyone on here, have confidence in the programme and of course yourself. Personally I don't think any of the weeks are easier or harder than the others it's all a matter of pushing through the weeks and getting inspiration from others on here who have been, or are going through, similar experiences.

One thing I should add is that during each session I could hear a wheezing above the music as I struggled for breath and after every session I found myself having a coughing fit that sometimes lasted an hour or so. It was only in week 8 that I, or at least my wife, had enough and decided to make an appointment at the local medical centre. I saw the asthma nurse who thought I may suffer from exercise induced asthma (apparently it's common in us athletes) and gave me an inhaler to try. I've only been using it for a fortnight but it's like running with an oxygen cylinder. I'm not suggesting anyone should just pick up any old inhaler but if like me you're suffering from coughing fits or hear a wheezing sound as you're running it may be worth getting checked out.

Thanks again to everyone who posts on here, I'm now running a regular route 3 times a week around the local loch which is just over 5km door to door and I can manage it in 30 minutes or so and feel I've achieved my first goal.


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  • Well Done on your fantastic journey! I'm on the coach at the moment with my back in spasm but can't wait to get back to running!

  • Really feel for you and hope you can get back to running soon but you don't want to push things too quickly. Although I'm new to all this I know what you mean about getting back out running and challenging yourself.

  • Wonderful well done. It's a real milestone to have finished the programme. This forum is great. Like you I had never posted on any forum but the people here are so supportive. Carry on running and make sure you look after that cough. You might want to get yourself checked by a doctor /specialist.

  • Well done and congratulations on graduating! 😊

  • This is an awesome post ! Congratulations on your achievements

  • What a lovely post and congratulations on completing the programme! Like you, I was not really one for social media, but have found this forum to be the most wonderfully supportive place to come to for advise, and to share the inevitable highs and lows that we encounter on our running journey! I really hope you keep running in your life now and continue to use this forum..oh, and don't forget to get that shiny graduate badge by your name too of course! Good luck.

  • Congratulations and thanks for sharing your story - you should feel very proud of yourself!

  • What a great inspirational post. Thank you for coming out of lurking to post. Here is to a happy healthy running future.

  • Great post, thanks for sharing. That Laura eh? Never lets us down does she?

    Don't forget your grad badge...

  • Fantastic post, hope u become a regular contributor now! There is a 10k forum too which is good but I like to also come to the 5k forum and see how everyone is doing too. 3 X 5k is a very good programme, still find doing that distance is challenging but increasingly enjoying it - just allowing my distance to creep up now - you are super speedy too - fantastic! Would love to see a photo of the loch, sounds amazing!

  • Great stuff! Well done ☺ the challenge now is to keep going, slowly developing your running.

    Have fun!

  • Really well done. And your route sounds beautiful - beside a loch!! We'd love to see it. I'm glad you came out of lurkdom to post as it's always great to read about others' stories. Thank you.

  • Amazing post ! Many Congratulations to you on your Graduation !

    Really enjoyed reading of your journey and I hope you stick around on this forum to let us know how you are progressing .

    Well done ! You should be really proud of yourself and you must get some new running gear , go on treat yourself ! Its Christmas ! :-D xxx

  • Oh well done!! Time snd again I've thought it would have been so much harder or even impossible without this forum!

    I qualified on Sunday and should be out for a run today but I've got to wait in got a delivery 😡 Which is annoying!

  • Wow thanks for all the replies to my post I feel like one of the family now. I promise to request my graduate badge and you never know I may even start contributing on a regular basis! possibly even add a photo of the loch!

  • Congratulations old wheezer so glad you posted you deserve the praise and recognition of your achievement from people on here who fully appreciate your efforts.

    I am 55 and graduated in November and am very happy to have running in my life now like you.

    Carry on running -imagine what it will be like in spring.....

  • it

  • Brilliant.... Well done you . I find all the posts on here very helpful too and seeing everybody's achievements through the different weeks really helps. I've just completed W8R1 😀

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