Couch to 5K

The great outdoors!

I have been running within the safe environs of my local gym but that has suited me well. I like to know the speed i'm running at and felt i'd slack off on my speed on the open road. Knowing me, i'd justify my slow speed saying that the path was too wet/dry/muddy/pebbly/bumpy!

The treadmill doesn't give me the option of excuses! I can set it at the correct speed and then just concentrate on running or brisk walking.

However since joining this community and reading your posts, i've decided to try running in the outdoors. Still not sure of the looks i may get but you never know till you've tried it.

Thanks for giving me the confidence now.

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hey i run on the treadmill sometimes and before i started running outside i felt the same that i might slack of but to my suprise with laura egging you on and telling you when to run i didnt. i also didnt worry about my speed on the road as long as you keep running speed doesnt matter you will get faster with time. its just the joy that you can do it and it gets easier the more you do . what week and run are you on?


completed week 6 run 3 and on to week 7 from today! will give the outdoors a try this week. Keep you posted on how that goes!


good luck beepbeep ~ keep us posted.

am a treadmill runner also & a c25k graduate but redoing it with 2 of my daughters. they/we do week 5r3 tonight outside so am apprehensive aswell.

with regard to speed, my 12 year old said that on one of the previous runs she walked a bit & no-one noticed cause we were going so slow :)

it can only get better :)


See I think the treadmill has more opportunity for excuses. I pick my runs so that when I am say 3 k through my 6 k run I am 3k from home so if I give up and walk all I am doing is delaying myself getting home :-)

This way I have to complete whether I like it or not (or call a taxi and thats just toooooooo humiliating).


Calling a taxi LOL. Saving that one for an emergency! On occassion I've wished I had my bus pass with me as was so tired! Luckily I didn't so had to keep on going


I did up to run 1 week 8 on the treadmill at the gym before having the confidence to venture out (usually on very quiet canal path!) and love it now! One time when I was really struggling about 10 mins into run 2 week 9 in minus temperatures with an arctic wind slicing through me in a quiet undeveloped area of the old Swansea docks a taxi came down the road (a dead end) and stopped just ahead of me! The driver got out for a fag, saw me and asked if I needed an ambulance! Very funny I didnt think!


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