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Dream Achieved!!

Went out for a run yesterday after my little one's birthday party and decided to do a long slow run. Ran through some stunning country side and the sunset was breathing taking. When I got home I mapped the run and I'd done 11k. I was delighted as one of my aims when I started in August was to run a 10k. Now it definitely got tricky in parts when my left calf started to twang but I slowed down and all was well.

Will definitely be looking to try an official 10k run in the new year and meanwhile will consolidate what I've done this year.

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It's a good plan to do leisurely runs with no aim or intention other than just to get out the door and see where your run leads.

Which is where ........... waves........byeeeeeeeeee


Sounds like a fantastic run... well done on that 11k. I'm certainly on board with the long slow run thing, I'm sure an official 10k will not be problem for you. :-)


Great run sounds brilliant. A nice easy pace with no agenda is a great way to run


Fab congratulations


11K! Fantastic. It sounds a beautiful run.


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