First Trail Race under my belt

First Trail Race under my belt

I am tickled pink to have completed the Beaver Flat Fifty Try a Trail 5k Race at Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park. It was AMAZING!!!! Definitely started out too fast with 150 runners pushing through a narrow trail to hit the first hill. Was light headed at the top but with the back log of runners was able to run slowly and catch my breath. Finished strong with gas still in the tank. Ran with a friend who started this journey with me - we vowed we'd start and finish together and we did great supporting each other throughout the race. Can't wait for next year. Will it be the Trail Blitz 10k or Dam hard 20k. My head says 10k, my heart says 20k. We'll see which one wins out when Registration opens in January 😆. This lady is hooked. Love trail running - it is A LOT harder but oh so pretty and worth it. No time to worry about breathing and pace, too focused on watching the terrain and staying up right. Whoohoo!!!!


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12 Replies

  • Yay well done, and fab pic too.. I too absolutely love the trails, there is no comparison.... I hope you have some trails where you live so you can keep on enjoying?... 😎

  • We have some coulees across the street from my house - not quite as nice but will do. This race location is only 30 minutes away so am planning on going back out in a week or 2 and try a portion of the 10 and 20k trail that I'm not sure about. We have tick issues in the spring so am trying to enjoy as much Trail running this fall as possible.

  • Wow! Sounds brilliant.

  • Well done you!!! Great pikkie and happy runners:)

  • Thanks 😊. I'm still on cloud 9. Feeling really good the morning after and just itching to get out for another run but listening to my head and taking a recovery day. Will do some light strength training tonight and will start my journey to building up to 10k sometime this week. Yay!

  • Brilliant... go you! I love the 10K runs...longer runs are such fun... but. after a spell on the IC am working back up to it slowly!!

    Rest days....good:)

  • That is the take home message I've been seeing while lurking on the forum. It is so easy to over do it and then have regrets. I'm trying to be a good grasshopper and listen to those wiser 😁

  • Well done Grasshopper.... you have done well! :) x

  • Well done on your first 5k trail! You will be smiling for a while yet lol. Try some of the other routes and perhaps use the location for some of your longer runs. It will decide the next goal for you! Aim for 10k and when you conquer it aim for 20k! Great photo.

  • Thanks runfasterdoyle! Great advice. Slow and steady wins the race .... or at least helps to achieve the goal to finish 😁

  • Congratulations!! Great to celebrate racing with a friend. Are the other two races in Saskatchewan Landing as well? I could be tempted for a road trip next year, my brother just moved to Regina (we're in Calgary).

    If you ever are out this way, drop a line and I'll bring you to Parkrun. It's nice to see a neighbour on the forum.

  • Hi Neighbour!!!

    Yes. It is a new trail race the prairie sky trail runners started last year. There is a 5k, 10k, 20k, and 50k! It was extremely well received on the first year and they capped the racer numbers for each race with the 5, 10, and 20 selling out! They did a great job and I highly recommend it to anyone in the area. They run it out of the equestrian campground. Nice to know there is a "neighbour" on this forum 😃.

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