10K Goal Achieved ;o)

Hi All

Well, I actually ran a total distance of 10K last Saturday, 2nd August, but I have only just got round to posting about it ;o)

As some of you may know, I had been increasing my weekly distance by 1K a week, the target being to reach the magic 10K. I managed that and reached a distance of 8K a couple of weeks ago. That meant last Saturday should have seen me increase from 8 to 9K but I was also contemplating carrying on to 10K depending on how I felt. My intention that day was to keep my pace around the 6.30 min/km mark which is a comfortable pace for me. I reached 9K and felt I could push on, which I did, and managed the 10K in 1:04:32. I was aiming for a time of under 1:05:00 so I was happy with that and allowed myself a little smile and a whispered ‘yesssss’ ;o)

Today, 9th August was my second 10k run as part of my build-up for the Middlesbrough Tees Pride 10K organised run on 31st August, which I've signed up for :) It was forecast to be a hot day so I was on the road by 09.30 this morning. The first few K were taken fairly easily but after about the 5K mark my body seemed to be telling me it could run slightly faster so I ended up increasing my pace to around the 6 min/k mark. Weirdly, this sort of happened naturally i.e. my body just seemed to find its own, natural pace. Up until then I was consciously keeping my pace at around the 6.30 min/k mark. I started to think that I should just start trusting what my body was telling me rather than trying to force myself to run at a slower pace. Maybe this is what is meant when people say, 'listen to your body'?

Anyway, for the next half of the run I managed to keep to around the 6 min/k mark which felt quite comfortable, so much so that I managed to up my pace for the last half K or so and finish quite strongly. My Garmin told me that I had also achieved a PB at 1:04:14, that's 18 seconds quicker than last week. Yipppeeee ;o)

I’ll probably run another 10K distance next weekend but I think that will be the last one I do until my official 10K run two weeks after on the 31st August. I will, of course, carry on with my interval, hill and 5K runs during the week.

Hope everyone is feeling good and that you are all reaching your goals, too. It’s great this C25K isn’t it ;o)


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40 Replies

  • Oh thats such a lovely post, furthest I have done is 6k, but I will hit that 10k , but it might take a while !

  • Thanks granny j ;) 6k is a great distance and I'm sure you'll reach 10k :)

  • Wow, congratulations, sounds like a great run. The slow progression of adding an extra km weekly certainly seems to have worked for you. Good tip for all of us.

  • Thanks, Amber :) I decided to do it that way as I didn't fancy the walk / run option suggested by some of the programmes out there. once I'm running I like to keep running ;)

  • Well done, I think if you've bagged the distance it's okay to edge the pace up. Good luck with your Pride run! :-)

  • Thanks :) The saying, 'get the miles in your legs then the speed will follow' comes to mind ;)

  • Oh Paul, what a brilliant run, and a great time too. Really well done. You'll nail the run at the end of the month.

  • Thank you :) I did enjoy it :) Really looking forward to the official run at the end of August. It'll be the first time I'll have entered such a run :)

  • Congratulations :-) sounds fantastic.

  • Thank you. Enjoyed the second run more than the first ;)

  • Great stuff Paul... sounds about minute for minute where I was at for my first couple of 10km runs only a few short weeks ago now...

    You'll be more than ready for that race at the end of the month...

    Awesome write up as always... sounds like it is all coming together nicely! Perfect!

  • Thanks, Aussie :) I'm constantly amazed, not only by my progress, but everyone else's progress. Reading about other people's progress just inspires me further :)

  • Well done on hitting the 10k target, Paul. Pacing is always the hardest thing for us new runners, but listening to your body normally works. I would recommend that you try to do your next 10k on similar terrain to the run at the end of August, if you haven't already, so that you are prepared for both the distance and the undulations.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thanks, Ian. Good advice, as always :) The Middlesbrough 10K is right on my doorstep so my last two 10k runs have actually followed the Middlesbrough 10K route :)

  • Wow, you're doing great, Paul. Congratulations with hitting that "magic mark", and well done for even being able to increase your pace. You'll do really well at the race, with people around you to make it even more fun.

  • Thanks, Tomas. I'm really looking forward to running with thousands of other runners ;)

  • Well done Paul, sounds like you have those 10k's sorted! I'm sure you will enjoy the race when the time comes. This running really is amazing isn't it x :-)

  • Thank you :) Yes, this running lark is amazing :)

  • brilliant...thats a great achievement, well done :)

  • Thank you, JJ :)

  • Well done Paul thats fantastic, i need to up my training as have a 10k in 2 months so it was good to read how you did it! :)

  • Thanks :) Good luck with your training and your 10k run :)

  • My goodness Paul you really are going for it ! I'm still struggling to do 5k regularly and you started shortly after me so I am in awe.... Good luck for 31st, stay injury-free !

  • Thanks, henpen :) I'm just enjoying it so much :)

  • It seems like just yesterday you graduated and now you're doing 10k's, fantastic! :D

  • I know! I can't really believe it myself. Colleagues at work are already asking me if I'll be running a half marathon next :)

  • Well done! That is great, completing 10k is such an achievement and great times too :) you are well on your way to being race ready :D good luck

    Enjoy your running :)

  • Thanks :) I feel a bit more confident for race day :)

  • What a great story! You are doing so well to get to that pace. I am also aiming for 10k - by the end of September - but still around 7.35 and my longest run so far has been 7.5 so I am well impressed by your achievements! Run safely now :-)

  • Thank you. My pace was around 7.30 but as my distance has increased (and fitness etc), my pace is increasing. I'm sure you'll get to 10k, too and your tines will also start coming down. Good luck for September :)

  • Wow that's amazing. I found your post really helpful and interesting. Your time sounds excellent.

    Very encouraging :-)

  • Thanks and I'm glad my post was of some use to you (I've also replied to your other post) ;)

  • Brilliant Paul.

    You set a target and reached it.

    I agree this c25k business is amazing - great for all round confidence too.

    Don't know about you but I'm just a regular person - work full time in a reasonable job, mother, wife, friend.. don't normally achieve anything worth noting - but graduating c25k is really something to shout about.

    Good luck with your continued training

    :-) x

  • Thank you :) Yep, I'm the same, just an ordinary bod but c25k has introduced me to something that is having a massive positive effect on my life. Just love it :)

  • What an amazing achievement :) Your enthusiasm shines through on your posts as well, good luck with the actual race!

  • Thanks :) I'm still having to pinch myself that I'm now running distances of 10k! A few months ago my target was running for one minute non-stop ;)

  • Well done on reaching 10k.

    So what's next?

  • Well I have the Middlesbrough Tees Pride 10k road run on August 31st so I'm concentrating on that for the moment. It'll be the first such race/run I've ever entered and listening to Aussie and Miles Yonder, its quite addictive and probably be the first of many :)

  • Good luck on your races.

  • Thank you :)

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