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Achieved my goal!

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I started out on C25k because I had lost 6 stone, wanted to get fit and set myself a challenge , this was to maintain/continue my weight loss and to get more healthy . I decided on an open water swim , which somehow developed into me entering a cross sprint triathlon. I thought I could do the 750m swim, and 12 km mountain bike with a bit of training and that the 6 k trail run would be the hard bit . Turned out with c25k I discovered I really enjoy running and although will never be fast can happily plod on and have done a 10 k now which still seems unbelievable. This forum has really helped with friendly and supportive comments and useful advice after both good and bad runs so thanks to you all! Today I reached my goal and completed the triathlon the swim was very choppy due to high winds but I made it , the cycle was good , hilly and got blown about but enjoyed it and the run was great, my total time was 2 hrs 7 mins with a run time of 30 minutes! I am pretty sure it was shorter than the 6 k they said but I'm happy I finished!! So thanks again to all of you who have helped me on here and here's to a faster time next year!

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Very well done! Hope you are suitably proud of your achievement! x

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heavyhorseGraduate in reply to jojo57


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heavyhorse how amazing, well done you, a real achievement :) :) :)

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heavyhorseGraduate in reply to Clawmum


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Bravo! (or Chapeau!, as you're on a bike). C25k > 10k> triathlon- that really is some amazing progress- you're an inspiration to us all, heavyhorse :)

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Crikey!! THAT is an achievement, well done!!

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Love it..

how we all think we are just ordinary people..

But by geting off that sofa.. something other than our body's get to change.. and we become more x

You are a champion :)

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heavyhorseGraduate in reply to sparky66

I'm not fast, but I wasn't last 139th out of 150 and another 24 dnf , thank you for your comments as I still think I am just pretending to be 'sporty' and am not quite there yet!

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b275Graduate in reply to heavyhorse

You ARE sporty, you went out and did it!!!

Inspirational post. Well done. Enjoy he pride; you deserve it!

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This is amazing!! Well done - 10k, weight loss, all such great achievements! The programme really is life changing. :)

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6k in 30min, after swimming and cycling! And you say you're not sporty! I think you might have to re-think how you see yourself in the near future! Well done, shows what can be done with will-power 👍

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heavyhorseGraduate in reply to JaySeeSkinny

I'm pretty sure the run was less than 6 k, it felt more like 5 or just under, but thanks!

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I've not been on the forum for ages, this is a great post to see :)

Well done you xx

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Congratulations - that's a brilliant achievement.

Brilliant HH, have never contemplated doing a race like that. In my book you're definitely sporty.

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