Week 8

Started week 8 yesterday but goodness knows what was up with me! Woke late to start with and that meant Laura would be competing with the roar of the traffic and I would be competing with the kids on their way to school. Didn't really fancy the idea of that so when my dear hubby suggested we go out to Malltraeth I jumped at the idea. He could do a bit of photography while I had a nice flat run in a beautiful location. Had a lovely bowl of porridge too as I wouldn't be running straight away and thought it would have time to settle as I normally can't eat anything at all before running.

Well, he dropped me off by the viaduct and drove on to the car park. All was going well, watching flocks of lapwing swirling overhead, and a completely flat road. Reached the bund and waved at my hubby as I passed him and ran into a woman with 6 dogs and that's where everything seemed to fall apart for me. The dogs were obviously interested in someone who was running and thought it might be fun and a couple nosed at me as I was passing and as she apologised for them (and I honestly hadn't minded them) I turned to answer her and didn't spot the one sneaking in front of me and nearly fell over it! It seemed to throw me off my stride and that bowl of porridge seemed to settle more heavily in my stomach. Never mind I could at least enjoy the views. But no, the wind was blowing in from the side and the curtain of hair meant I could see very little at all *sigh*. And that was it for me. My mind so easily switched and my pace dropped and I'm sure i could have walked faster than I was running. It would have been so easy to stop at that point but I carried on anyway.

It's times like these that you realise how precious everything is. My husband had a repeat scan yesterday and this will tell us the progression (or hopefully not) of his cancer. We decided to enjoy Christmas with the kids and get the results in the New Year so perhaps it was part stress of that welling over me or perhaps it was just 'one of those runs'. Anyway I turned around and this time the wind was at least keeping my hair off my face and as I headed towards the end of the bund again I could see my hubby and all of a sudden I picked up my pace and was running properly and it was a lovely feeling to get back to him. I also realised that I could probably have run like that all the way. So this game is often more a case of mind over matter! Hopefully my mind will be in a better mood for tomorrow's run :) But in any case I didn't stop in spite of wanting to and managed to run for 28 mins yeay :)


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35 Replies

  • Well done Hilbean. You will be graduating before you know it! Just one dog bounding up to you when you are running is unnerving, so being surrounded by six is enough to put anyone off their stride.

    I really hope the scan results are positive. Running can be such a solace at difficult times. All the best to you and your husband. x

  • Only 5 runs left now :) Couldn't believe how easily I was put off! And then how hard it was to switch my mind back!

    Thanks for you kind wishes x

  • Hi Hilbean

    I can feel so much in your post. Day at a time, run at a time. Have a marvellous Christmas .

  • Thanks! You too :)

  • Yep, it's a mind game, Hilly. I find that I run best when my mind drifts away, and lets my body and legs get on with it. But well done you, on several counts. You kept running despite the odds, and best of all you found a flat bit in Wales! And next time, you'll wear a hat of some sort to tuck your hair into!

    Thanks for your lovely long account, it sounds a lovely part of the country! Best wishes to you and especially to your husband as you enjoy Christmas together, and very best wishes for a positive result from his scan.

  • Thanks John. Will pass on your best wishes :)

    Funnily enough I was thinking about a hat for next time as that was really quite annoying. And the flat bit was definitely a bonus, though hopefully I will make better use of it next time! As you say it's a lovely part of the country and a shame to waste the view ;)

  • I know what you mean about something throwing you off your pace. It can be a very simple thing like the tech letting me down!I do hope your OH has positive results in the New Year...having a good Christmas will help take your minds off things....enjoy your running!

  • I find it amazing how quickly you can get thrown and how hard it is to get things back on track! Thanks for your kind wishes. I'm sure all the kids (young and old) will keep us fully occupied :D

  • Definitely our mind can be our worse enemy & I couldn't run with porridge in my stomach.

    Hope you and your family have a fabulous Christmas & positive news from the scan in the New Year x

  • Thanks! You too x

    Yeah, I don't think I'll be doing the porridge again in a hurry lol :D

  • I run first thing in the morning on an empty stomach - if I eat I always feel queasy :(

  • Me too, apart from this time! Makes me queasy too, just thought I might have left enough time in between this time :\

  • I'm sticking with no food but guess at some stage if I want to increase the distance will have to learn to eat before :(

  • Yeah, I'm not quite sure how that one will work. I read somewhere about leaving 2 hours between eating and running but still not totally convinced! What have you been doing since you graduated? Running free or using another podcast?

  • Only did gradution run yesterday - I downloaded the + podcasts but forgot to sync my iphone! I ran this morning (I always run Sat & Sunday even though should have rest day as its only time I get in day light!) so I just used week 9 but decided to run for extra 2 minutes at end of the 30 :D

    My plan is to still run 4 times a week. 2 easy(!) 30 minutes, 1 shorter intervally type thing to try and speed up & one run where I try and add some time / distance :)

  • Was it only yesterday!? Oh wow! You have it planned out really well. I'm still very undecided :D

  • I'm a woman on a mission! I've been doing lots of exercise over past 8-9 months as trying hard to loose weight but running is so much more fun than exercise DVDs

    I think whatever you fancy works. I was bit scared that once I finished it would be easy to let it drift. Hence my plan :D

  • Fantastic! Well, I have a week in which to contemplate my navel and hopefully come up with a cunning plan :D Definitely don't want to let this drift!

  • I think it needs to stay fun but at the minute can't imagine it ever not being fun :D

  • Oh Hil, well done!! You stuck with it and you finished your run, despite a myriad challenges- six dogs; a belly full of porridge; the wind in your hair and a head full of worries, and you finished on a high. Really really hope 2015 brings your family good news. In the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas xx

  • Thanks xx

  • well done on the completing the run Hillbean , there are all sorts of distractions out there ,my mind wanders all over the place sometimes. Hoping it is a positive outcome for you and you husband :D

  • Thanks :D

  • Well done on completing the run, you could have gave up but you didn't and I think that speaks volumes of you wanting to complete the programme. Best wishes to you and your husband and hope you have a great Christmas :-)

  • Thanks. Looking forward to Christmas and hoping to graduate by the new year :) Happy Christmas to you too :)

  • Well done for pushing through! It won't be long at all before you graduate, have you any plans for post graduation?

    My fingers are crossed for your husband's results.

    I'm sure after getting through this run the next ones will be easier :-) xxx

  • Thanks! xx

    Not sure what to do after I graduate to be honest. Was wondering about just free running for a week or two and then maybe trying something like the 5k+ podcasts. I did even consider looking into going for 10k but seeing how fickle my mind can be perhaps I should consolidate on the 5k first ;) How about you? Any plans yet?

  • I don't know what to do after graduating. Like you I've thought about starting training for a 10k. Think I will but slowly! The 5k+ podcasts are looking good too though :-)

    What a great way to start the year with this programme under our belts! Xxx

  • Nice to have a choice eh :) It'll definitely be a boost to the new year :) xx

  • What a lovely story, your lovely hubby made you run faster! Hope the results of his tests are good...

  • Thanks Curly. He is an absolute sweetheart and my inspiration. Keeping fingers tightly crossed x

  • Really well done for keeping going, graduation won't be far away. Hope the scan result is a good onefor your hubby, been there. Good luck and Happy New Year.

  • Thanks :) Hope everything was good for you when you went through that one xx

  • Diagnosed with BC last year. That's why I did the c25k so I can run a race for life. Seize the day and all that.☺☺☺

  • Wow! That's really impressive! I'm looking to do the race for life next year too. Know what you mean about seizing the day. Positive attitude and all that is so important xx

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