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Week 8 trying too hard?

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Finished the three week 7 runs, and just done run 1 of week 8. Finding it hard work but the weather was magnificent. Although I wasn't at all tired, my mind said "Just stop, this is too much", the mind did this after about 5 minutes! and repeated from time to time. But I kept on, and haven't been beaten at all - done every run of every week without unscheduled walking. During week 7 runs, every now and again the running seemed to get much free-er (is that how its spelled?), maybe I was in some sort of zone? But then the ease would be lost - a great pity! Today was particularly tough as I was without Laura and without music and it seemed to make it even harder. But onwards and upwards, and try to get into that zone again!.

12 Replies
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Truffles, just stick with it you are doing so well. I have just finished W9R3 and have only really felt like I was running effortlessly for about 10 minutes, usually after i have warmed up and before i am tired. Over the last two to three weeks my pace has started to be much less erratic.

Just five more runs to go.

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truffles303Graduate in reply to Tonkers2015

Thanks, Tonkers, I need the encouragement! And I have no intention of giving up.

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Ahh the zone. Well done. Not all runs have it, but those that do are the ones that keep you coming back for more. Well done.

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truffles303Graduate in reply to runswithdogs

I hope it is the zone and not just my imagination. Thanks.

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I often have the 'I can't go on' 'What the hell am I doing?' thoughts but they soon pass. As you run more your pace will get more consistent & you'll be in that zone more often - not always though! Sometimes - for no reason - your pace will be all over the place, you're legs will feel like cement & you'll have a bad run. Then the next time everything will click into place & you'll feel fantastic. That's all part of the joy of running ☺

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truffles303Graduate in reply to Sharonb9999

All these comments are great. They bring a smile to my face. The encouragement is so good.

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You're doing great! Just stick at it and it will come. Keep your speed nice and steady. No rush at this stage. Keep beating those gremlins!

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woo-hooo! Well done you!

if you can manage 10 mins of 'effortless' running that's amazing- and invaluable to have as a memory to bring out when you have a hard run :)

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It sounds like you are doing really well and all your experiences sound completely normal to me, some runs just feel easier than others - just keep doing what you are doing :) x

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I seem to be in a similar place to you... I did W8R2 this morning and I was in the zone a few times. Legs felt good and I managed to up the pace for the last 90seconds or so. I think the adrenaline from nearly being run over helped to be fair!

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It's great when you just feel like you're gliding isn't it! That does come more and more with training and experience.

You'll get a feel for what is comfortable and what is sustainable (and what is absolutely not sustainable) as you run more and pretty soon you'll find that sweet spot where you can eat up the miles but hardly feel it. It takes a while and some days it just never comes but on a good day there's nothing better than cruising through the countryside, knowing that you can carry on for another hour if you choose to.

Sound's like you are making great progress! Keep it up and you'll be smashing that 30min run before you know it.

Happy running!


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truffles303Graduate in reply to Ugifer

Thanks, Ugi

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