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Week 1, Day 2 - Can you believe it?


So for anyone who read my "first post ever" post ... I'm sat here still smiling to myself ... you know I mentioned my 7 year old son said he might think about doing it with me? Well, at 6:56AM this morning, his bedroom light turned on. I could NOT believe it. He had been awake since 6:30AM, waiting for me and got up a little sheepishly and came with me.

Hey, so I couldn't use my funky new amazing bluetooth headphones, but so what - my son was out running with me!! And from about halfway around he insisted on holding my hand the entire rest of the way ... just the sweetest.

We had such a lovely time, and it was over so quickly. We stopped at the playground on our cool down and did a few press-ups, sit-ups, and chin ups.

I've got a question to anyone if I may - after we had cooled down, on the walk back, my son got a stitch in his tummy. What's the best way for that not to happen again? It's a relief it was afterwards and not during but would love to avoid if I can in future.

We did the full 5 minute warm up walk, and I also had him drink a little water before we went out ... so I'm not sure.

Oh, and a bonus - as he was tidying his clothes and getting ready for school, he picked up his running stuff and took it to the spare room "ready for Sunday" - boom!

Yay! So stoked! :-)

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Amazing! What a little trooper! Hope he sticks with Mum. My 16 year old do until about week 5 🤣🤣

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Great feeling running with your kids isn't it, especially when they hold your hand on the run!

As for the stitch, it is one of those grey area that has many theories. I doubt the water was a factor - unless he gulped it down. The sit ups may have been a factor too. Give them a miss - holding a plank is better for your core. But do these on non-run days (at least to start with) rather than just after a run. In fact leave out all the exercises straight after the run - too much too soon.

I would also suggest that keeping well hydrated everyday (not just run days) and maybe not spicy or heavy food the night before.

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Hiya :-)

Really good advice. I never even thought the exercises after could be the cause. Durrr! Perfect, thank you.

Ha, if you saw his diet, you'd realise there's no problem with spicy or heavy food - he eats so simply :-)

Thank you again!

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That's lovely - hope he sticks with you! My 8-year-old son did a few runs with me, and was official phone holder (I'm on week 7 and still haven't got anywhere to put the thing!) and app timekeeper for me.

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Haha. Mine was official phone holder for half of the route :-) Amazing!


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