Awight, my fellow Runneroos? I just had to write a post about my running week.....

As I was drafted in to work for an 8am start on Tuesday (I know. Hideous) I couldn't manage an early run, so I only did two runs this week. My first was on Thursday - a 6.5K jog along the cold, dimly lit A316 from Twickenham to Richmond swimming baths and back. I don't mind running along a busy road this early as it feels safer. Old Deer Park looks as black as a baboon's gool**s at that time of the morning and I dread to think of all the mad axe murderers hiding behind trees there, waiting to pounce and demand the contents of my pouch! So main roads it is for me whilst it's this dark at 6.30am.

No great things to report. I did it - which is the main thing and non stop too. I'd had a couple of walk breaks on my previous early morning outings just because I felt sooooooo tired. But thursday was a continuous jog and the first bead of sweat didn't trickle down my face until K2. It's usually way earlier than that which just goes to show how bloomin' cold it is.

TurboTortoise and I had been trading messages in the week, with regard to signing up for The London Winter Run this Feb. I'm hoping quite a few of you lot might be able to make it there as it sounds like a fun run, passing Londonium's most celebrated landmarks. Well safe to say, we're all signed up for it - TT, Aliboo and Mr Aliboo, Beads and A.N.Other who I can't remember, and it's gonna be great.

So as a result of this signing up to only my 2nd race, I started to have a minor panic. I haven't run a 10K since Remembrance Sunday and since then I've gone out on a Sunday with a view to doing one. Tiredness and just general winter blues have hindered me so much, that I could only manage my 7K river run the past few weeks and I said to Mrs Dan - "What if I can't do 10K again?". She replied with her usual verve - "Don't be ridiculous, you ludicrous popinjay! Of course you'll be able to do it. You've got 7 weeks to "train" before your Winter Run, so pull your finger out and get training!"

So this morning I awoke after a blissful lie in until 9.30am, and saw the bright sun shining in a clear blue sky. This instantly put me in a good mood and I'd already mentally planned my 10K route. So downstairs to the juicer I went. What was in the fruit bowl and vegetable drawer that I could juice? I selected two pears, tow carrots, two sticks of celery, half a lemon and a chunk of ginger! The power juice flowed through my body like Kryptonite and the 6 dates ensured that a shed load of fruit sugar was entering my blood stream. I was ready. Black beanie hat and gloves, running tights, short AND long sleeved top and I was ready to Rock 'N Roll.

I could hear Endomondo from my pocket, announcing each kilometre and the time it took. I was aiming for an hour for the 10K, which meant 6 mins per K. Do-able for this 51 year old dude. The first, second, third & fourth went by - each one faster by two seconds. The 4th ended up being my fastest. By 5K I had reached Kew Bridge which meant it was time to leave the riverside and run back home through Brentford. I was going well until a pain shot up my right calf at around the 7K mark. I hoped I could "run it out" and I concentrated on using my left leg as the "power push off" leg and then just lightly hopping on my right leg. This ridiculous gait made me look like I had a wasp inside my pants so I decided to revert back to normal mode. The pain eventually subsided and I can only think it was a muscle spasm or something.

I'd reached 9K. One more to go. My buttocks were feeling tight and my legs felt tired now, but I hadn't stopped ONCE. I'd kept going and this I did until I heard the announcement from my pocket - "10 kilometres. lap Time 5 minutes 53 seconds". I'd done it! An amazing feeling off achievement and well being came over me as I walked home. Now I know I won't embarrass myself in front of the incredible TurboTortoise and the equally fabulous Aliboo and Beads!

My time? 57'55 which I'm dead chuffed with. The jacuzzi afterwards was sheer heaven.

So that's my week folks. Thanks for reading and best of luck with your Saturday and Sunday runs!

Yer pal.


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  • Whooppeee! All round to Dan's on 1st Feb for the jacuzzi!

    Well done, you'd not embarrass yourself anyway!

  • HAhah! Thanks Beads. I look forward to saying "hi" on the day....

  • Dan, I bet you're relieved that Mrs Dan was right. Well, isn't she always?! So, training is on course for your winter London run. Sounds like a good plan to aim for something in February -it can be such a miserable month!!

  • She is ALWAYS right! Go figure....

  • Great run and what a fab time!!! I don't know how you can drink that treacle stuff... I'm in that run too with a group from here, there are loads going!!!

  • I love my homemade juices. You would too, I guarantee it!

    We MUST MUST MUST meet on the the day!

  • Well done Dan - proved you're the man as ever!

  • Cheers Ullyrunner X

  • Great run report Dan, as usual and fab time. You're all ready for the February run. What are you going to do until then?!

  • Keep doin' it baby!

  • Fantastic Dan. Great time so you can take it easy for a couple of months ;-) NOT!

  • Hahaha! Nope, you're right - gotta keep my foot on the peddle.

  • I'm signed up too for the same race and very nervous: you will be much better than me Dan.

  • I think the fun factor vibe will remove any nerves. I guess the main point is to take part and help out Cancer Research UK! You'll be GREAT!

  • Yay dan! Excellent work with that time, I'd love to be that fast ! Ive only done 1 more 10k since my oct race, and this is my 2nd one too! :) its exciting though and a great motivator eh? Looking forward to meeting up! Dont forget miles _ yonder is back in circulation too and is joining us! :)

  • I was wondering where he had got to.....

  • Wow, that's a great time, Dan. Congrats with that, and with completing the distance, and with having such a great run :)

  • Cheers Tomas.

  • Cool stuff Hopalong Dan. If you do a few more you might catch Beads on the day.........I know she mentioned a 10k time once that I could only dream of.

    Keep hopping, keep smiling.

  • She's not the 47 minute woman is she? HEEEELLLPPPP!!!!

  • Nope, not me, I've still to break the 50 minute barrier, working on it though!

    But I very much doubt it'll be February.

  • Fantastic stuff Dan! Thanks for the London run details - what a great motivator!

    I graduate next week, and I am already signing up for Feb 1st's run. I do not have to run the whole thing of course.. It will be a gentle push to keep training throughout the rain and the snow.

    Keep running and being awesome!

  • Good luck on your "Graduation Run". It's a great feeling to have completed the program and then move on to greater things.

  • Well done! mr dan! Excellent time! Hoping the legs ok xxx

  • Well done! mr dan! Excellent time! Hoping the legs ok xxx

  • Lovely post Dan, great time too...

  • Way to go! Don't you think those 'scary' areas on your run help you to get a good pace, even if it's for just that section? I have a section like that when I run in the mornings before the sun is up and I have nicknamed it 'Murder Point'. Nothing has ever happened there - but I always seem to go nice and fast!

    Congrats on setting a cracking pace - you should be uber proud!

  • Thank you kel_mac. That was a few months agao now, but I have another 10K race this Saturday and something tells me that I'm not gonna be as fast as this one......

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