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Hello fellow runners!

It's been a while since my last post which informed you all of my calf strain. Happy to report that all is well with it now and I've managed a couple of 5K's this week. Both early morning jobbies and all without any incident (thank God). Each one was about 28 1/2 minutes so that was good.

The weather dahn sarf (down South) has been mild of late so running conditions have been good to firm. There are 4 more weeks to go until The London Winter Run which I've entered, so goodness knows if the mild weather will hold that long. I hope it does!

I've downloaded STRAVA and am using that at the moment. Endomondo is currently "on hold" as I see how Strava works out. It seems very similar to good old Endomondo, but my brother in law recommended it to me at Xmas. He's a sports teacher and runs 10K in about 38 minutes (he also cycles up mountains and hills and sh**) so I can take his recommendation seriously. I know ALIBOO uses it - but does anyone else? Would love to hear your Pros and Cons....

Tomorrow I am planning to run 10K. Just to get another one under my belt. Haven't quite decided where to run it yet......maybe Richmond Park.....maybe along the Thames.....not sure, but I'm saying it here just to make sure I damned well go and do it! So wish me luck folks!

Good luck with all your SUNDAY runs tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you!

Yer pal


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good luck with the 10K tomorrow danzargo :D hopefully the weather will be good for you :) , think we have got off light dahn sarf :D


Good luck Dan. You've said it now, so you've got to do it, or we'll all come round and point accusing fingers at you ;) Good luck, hope it's a nice quick one :)


Glad to hear your calves are painless Dan. The rest obviously worked. Enjoy your 10K tomorrow and I look forward to reading about your adventures!


Good to hear you're back out there... keep injury free :-)


Snowing up North! Glad your legs are feeling better. Afraid can offer no opinion on Strava, am currently trying to work with strava and my garmin for jantastic but not managing to get them all working together - not that fussed though. Have a good 10k tomorrow!


Hi Dan, glad you are well again. I am hoping to have my first run since mid December, tomorrow, after coming down with the cold/flu/virus/lurgy that is rampant in our part of the world and lingers longer than a bad smell.

I had a look at Strava and its ability to compare your times over sectors of runs against total strangers is quite interesting but not that much use in the less populated regions such as rural South West. Endomondo's strength, for me is its tracking of your PBs and picking out best kilometres (not just laps) from wherever they occur in your run. I still stick with Annabel Runkeeper Smythe, she really is a spiffing gal.


Well done Dan the Man. I hope you nail your 10k tomorrow. I'll think about you while out on the streets trying to do a fast run. Hope for all our sakes that the s*dding wind dies down. Grr!


Good luck for that 10k Dan, sure you will do it no probs! If i can you can, thats for sure!( did mine on thurs!) I was recommended to use Strava by Boz, who has used it for ages for his cycling, he reckons its easier than Garmin connect, i manage to use it quite easily for someone not that great with technology, and i like the new feature that compares your times each time you do a route, and whether you are improving..... and you get "cups" which is very exciting! :)


Well done Dan ... be aware though that up here in Scotland " .... early morning jobbies" has a very particular meaning ;-)


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