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What would you do?

I have the Race for Life on Sunday, and tomorrow is my last run before it. So would you stick with Laura (would be w7r1) or just stick your own music off and go for 5k to get a feel for it?

The idea of my first 5k being Race for Life is worrying me, and I think I'd feel better by proving to myself I can do the distance before hand, but I'm keen to stick with Laura. I'll be continuing the plan after Sunday so I can officially graduate, and hopefully be 10k ready by August.

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Hi Katy,

Before my first Parkrun I did a couple of "trial laps" of the course (3 laps is 5km and I did one lap on a Tuesday and 2 laps the Thursday before my first run). Are you able to do a run on the actual Race for Life course so you can get a feel for it? Otherwise, I think in your situation I'd stick with Laura tomorrow (not overdoing it) and I'm sure you'll get swept along with everyone else on Sunday.

Have a great run on Sunday and come back and let us know how it went!


I would stick with Laura tomorrow. The atmosphere and people will keep you going during your race for life so you will be fine :)


Thank you, as my Mum just said "you wouldn't run a marathon before a marathon", and I suppose this is my marathon ha.

So I think I'll stick with Laura tomorrow, and if I feel like I can keep going then I will. Determined to run (well jog) all of Race for Life, hopefully the atmosphere will carry me :)


At least with race for life there's not the pressure that you have to run it all. I'd do the training with Laura and just see how far you can get through on Race for Life day. The atmosphere, hype and determination to get through would probably push you through, and if not it's no big shame.


I think I'd stick with Laura too - Race for Life is different from a parkrun, because at RfL so many people go intending to walk, but almost everyone runs at parkruns. Depending on how fast you are, 5k might feel a very long way, especially if the sun decides to come out. Walking part of it might be feel like a better idea on the day, rather than maybe overdoing it and possibly ending up injured and having to wait a while to graduate. When I've done RfL loads of people did a mix of walking and running - maybe even the majority.

Have fun on the day! The atmosphere is amazing. :)


your C25k is for you to learn how to run ..... but you will be doing RfL for some very very different reasons.

Greenlegs knows her stuff - stick with Laura for now and do what you feel you can do but don't push beyond your comfort zone and get injured.

Good luck, have fun & Happy Running


On a slightly different tack, my experience is that my first few runs without Laura coaching me were really difficult. She coaches you round and keeps you right, I really missed that and struggled through the first few post Laura runs. I would take her for moral support!


Thank you everyone, I did 7-1 this morning and boy was it hot! Deliberately went out at the same time RfL is on Sunday instead of early this morning, and while I know today was a hotter day than it has been, I don't think I've ever been so hot! Hoping for a bit of cloud on Sunday, but looking forward to it!


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