Well what a lovely morning it's been here in London. Flawless blue skies, bright sunshine but bitterly cold. The perfect running conditions. Was feeling pretty chipper as I donned my running clobber and shouted up the stairs to Mrs Dan "I'm off. See you later squishy plops" - "Idiot!" came the reply. She loves me really....

No music today folks. Ears were stark b****ck naked and I'd turned off Endomondo's audio announcements. I just wanted to go out and see how far I could go without announcements of stats in my ears. My left calf has been a bit twitchy for the past couple of weeks in that when I'm running it's fine. The rest of my day is fine but then the next day it starts to feel a bit weak. Not painful, just a bit like it's saying "What the hell did you do to me yesterday, you bas***d!"

It was cold. Bloody cold. I had my black thermal gloves on (the kind that Thierry Henry used to wear and I used to think - "What a total ****!" - but now I know that they really help!). My ears and face were flamin' freeeeeeeezing and I'd wished I'd worn my beanie but I didn't have it, so was faced with a case of going "Oh my God it's cold enough to freeze the b**s off a brass monkey!" I set off in a lumpy, jagged fashion cos my calf needs about 200m to warm up. "Oooh, aaghh, ooh, ouch!" I went, until the twinge went away and it was warmed up.

I'd decided to reverse my run route just to mix it up a bit. I'm a bit "crazy" like that. So off I tonked towards Twickenham Station which was just over 2K away and it wasn't until here that I started to feel warmer. I wasn't going fast - just slow and steady. I wasn't bothered with times, I just wanted to run non stop on the route I'd decided to run. It was more than 5K, I knew that, but I felt if I took it easy I could make it to the end and walk home triumphantly! I reached York House where Mrs Dan and I got hitched and I started to count how many Saturdays it'd been since our wedding day in 2011. I gave up pretty quickly cos I got bored and by this stage I was running along the quiet road that leads down to the river Thames.

Reached the Thames path with only dog walkers and runners for company. No cars or traffic noise. Lovely. I listened to the sounds of nature as I ran and heard some squawks from some water hens. Some ducks strutted their stuff beside some rather knackered looking boats that bobbed about on the water. The sun was pretty strong and made lovely sparkly dancey figures on the river and I was glad I'd worn my dark glasses. I pressed on and started to feel a bit leg heavy. "Keep going you big hunk" I said to myself.

I had no idea how far I'd run but I pushed on and saw so many runners. I hoped they were enjoying the solitude as I was. Some groups of twos and threes passed me, chatting away as they jogged and I wondered how long they'd be able to keep a conversation going before swearing at each other and saying "Shut up Doris! Jeeeeez!"

Richmond Bridge came into view and it looked splendid in the sunshine as the water moved fairly swiftly under it. I managed to cross the road without stopping cos I caught the pedestrian crossing on red. "Yeah baby!" I said to myself. "You're not far from home. Keep going you little beauty!" I was under 2K from home but I was tiring - but I didn't stop. No sir, I kept going and going and going. Eventually I left the Thames path and then up to the road where I'd decided to stop my run, before walking home. I got my phone out and looked at how far I'd gone. Only 7K people!! The furthest I'd ever run since starting this program. I was soooooo pleased with myself as I started my warm down walk home.

Mrs Dan was doing her workout in the front room when I got home to some DVD. An American woman was yelling things like "And push! And pull. One more! You're doin' great! And push! and...."

"I just ran 7K sweetie pants!" - "Bloomin' hell" she said. "Well done you". I headed upstairs and got into the jacuzzi , aiming the jets at my tired legs. I decided to congratulate them. - "Well done legs. Nice one. You didn't let me down. Now enjoy the soak, you little beauties."

You have to tell your legs this stuff. It makes them work harder for you next time!

Tally ho folks!



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25 Replies

  • Well Dan you did a grand job out there this morning well done you. Sounded lovely too running along the Thames but I'll bet it was a tad nippy!! Hope the kittens were impressed too. :)

  • They are far too busy having garden adventures catching leaves and bringing them in as presents!!

  • Another wonderful post Dan! Well done for keeping going. Sounds a good idea to go out naked just for the hell of it. Might try that tomorrow! Hope your calf behaves next time.


  • thanks Beek :-)

  • Brilliant progress Dan :) Is n't it lovely when you just go for a run for as long as your legs can take you, takes a lot of the pressure off! Last time I did that resulted in my first 10 K. Happy running.

  • 10K? Ooooh...I dunno if I could do that!

  • Of course you can!! If it feels right, do it. Actually, I read somewhere that if you could run 6K you could run any distance. I ran my first 10K after never having run further than 5K. It just felt right on the day, so I did it. You'll have a day like that soon.

  • Fabulous post Mr D - glad you had a fab run and well done on the distance - there was something in the air today - it has been a fabulous morning for a run!

  • Merci FB. How did your run go?

  • Really really good - loved every minute - which was a massive improvement from last Sunday when I couldn't understand why in Gods name I put myself through this! It was a beautiful morning, I had no music but was as happy as a pig in poop throughout the whole run - legs gave me jip for the last mile but I was so close to finishing I pushed through. Feel on top of the world about it this afternoon :-)

  • Hi Mr Dan great post and so encouraging for starters like myself. Well done for your long run! I shall be looking for some good places to jog myself soon, at the moment I am on a busy A road and its not the best of places with lorries cars and whatever else speeding by. In fact the only non speeder is me! Still, onwards and upwards. Carry on enjoying.

  • Thank you. There are no limits to what this program can do....

  • 7k... That's fantastico!!!! You must be so so pleased...?? Next stop 8k... You'll be running 10k's no probs soon enough...

  • Ooooh dunno about that JuJu. I'm a few months away from that m'dear!

  • 3 months time.. I bet you are... In fact probably more... Just slow down if going for longer..

  • Well done on the 7k DZ. Free running is obviously the way to go.

  • Yes! I like that. "Free Running". Very.....1960's'ish!

  • Dan, it just goes to show that my advice of 5k+1=6, 6k+1=7 etc works. Banish all thoughts of not being able to run longer distances, just do 'em. You've made a great come back and as always it is a pleasure to hear your exploits.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Fanks mate! I have always listened to your advice Mr daTruffe. In fact, I did think about the "5+1 / 6+1" thing during my epic outing, so there you go!

  • He's right you know; just do 'em!!

  • Sounds like an ideal run, except for the chilliness at the start!

    Well done on the 7km - you will soon be at the 10km - it's a bit of mind over matter and telling them good old legs they're made for this lark! I went from a longest run of 8'ish to over 10 last summer doing some B210K runs; and now have a favourite 10km and a bit (depends on which route I take at the country park junction); yesterday late afternoon I did it, 10.11km very slow but enjoyable, and great to be in the fat burning zone for so long!! Now off to do a short bit on the treadmill at work - my knee is a bit sore after yesterday, (but have to do Jantastic run #3 this week) then I am off to visit chicken -poxy grandson after work!

  • Wow, you are FLYING! Well done. I am mucho impressed-o.

  • Thanks, but it felt definitely more of a trudge than flying (far too windy & tired yesterday) but I am hoping that doing the distances will help my speed (still longing for a 30 minute 5k) :-)

  • Well done Dan. Yes I don't know how people chat and run! Except I do have conversations, but they are only in my head. :-D It sure is beautiful in London. No floods here. Right I must get out there.

  • Go Dan! Your posts never cease to cheer me up. You will be running 10k in now time :) Well done.

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