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Week 3 repeat or move to Week 4?

Completed week 3 but found it very hard, i'm unfit, overweight and 58 yrs old. I have never run before, not even as a child. Was terrified to run 3mins and found the second 3 mins very difficult although did manage to do it, Now am not sure whether to repeat week 3 and then feel move confident to move onto week 4 or give it a go. the thought of running for 5mins seems too much of a leap, its not my legs but my breathing that gets me. Also thinking of running in the morning before breakfast due to hot weather, will this be a problem?

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Just don't try to run on a full stomach - running earlier is fine - try it and see if it suits you.

I would repeat week 3 until you are really comfortable with it.

Better to let your breathing catch up - you will know when its time to move on again.


Running before breakfast is great:-) You get the park more or less to yourself apart from a few dogwalkers, the world is fresh and at the moment it's slightly cooler. You come home raring for breakfast and feeling pleased with yourself! My other half also likes it cos it only means one shower a day!

As far as the breathing goes I found between weeks 3 and 4 my breathing began to improve. My lungs just seemed to get the message my legs were telling them! I have asthma and it's done my lungs a power of good. I'm in the next decade up from you! Make sure as well that you aren't running too fast. It isn't a race it's a training to run program. You develop stamina just by keeping going slowly and steadily...doesn't matter how slowly as long as it's jogging/running rather than walking. I can still walk faster than I run!!!!


Running early before breakfast is brilliant! Lovely and cool and fresh smells in the air. Give W4 a try and if it is too difficult then drop back a week. You are doing it slow and steady aren't you? If you start off too quickly you will struggle to get through the session. Make sure your are well hydrated from the day before and give it a go. If it is too difficult step off the gas a bit and slow down. Good Luck!


I never really felt ready or confident about moving on to the next week, but everyone on here said 'trust the programme' so I did - and it worked out fine. I definitely found each week challenging, it was never easy (it's still not easy!) but I did manage it, going very slowly and steadily.

Give it a go and see how you do - you might surprise yourself. Good luck!


I've struggled with every week and doubted whether I'd be able to manage the next week each time but went with it and found I could. You'll be surprised at how much it is your head doing the doubting and not your body, which is slowly building up each week to the next stage. I am also unfit and overweight, but keep mindful of Laura saying if it's difficult to go slower, but don't give up. I think you should give week 4 a go - I'm sure you'll do it :)


I agree with the other comments, running early in the morning is great, it is cooler and you feel more confident, give week 4 a go, I know 5 minutes can seem a bit scary, try to regulate you breathing, I find that when I slow down a bit this helps, if you find that you can't complete wk 4 then just do week 3 again, there's no hurry, just do what seem good for you, good luck :)


Only thing I'd say about running early in the day rather than late, I found if I run before I've eaten I get tired in my muscles. This doesn't happen if I run at the end of the day (I just get breathless.)

Give W4 a go, you can always go back to W3 if you need to. But so much of being able to is psychological...good luck.


Don't feel you need to repeat the whole week, just do an extra session or two, I think I did one extra on week 3 and then felt ready to move on :)


Thanks Guys for all the advice, it really does help. Decided i would give week 4 a go, my reasoning was, even if i didn't complete it to begin with i would probably be doing more than week 3 which would be progress and i would just keep going until i completed the week. Got everything organised last night so i could get up this morning and no excuses get out there, thrilled to say i did it, lovely morning , cool and i felt fresher than when i have been out after work, paced my breathing on the first runs and managed to complete the whole session. It wasn't easy but I've done it!!, Have kept asking myself all day, 'did i really do that' and the answer is YES i did!!!!! As many people have said on here, there is no 'one size fits all' for this programme, but think i will not repeat weeks but have a go at the next week, regardless of how many days it takes me to complete.

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