Back in the game

So I started C25k at the end of February and everything was going well for me until June. A week long conference followed by a longish summer holiday completely destroyed my running habit, and although I tried to get things back together again, August was a complete washout and September little better. In October I resumed the habit with fresh motivation, but illness kept me from getting out for a full week, and I never really got the momentum. I redoubled my efforts in November and now I am seeing some real progress. For the first time today I switched to my old longer circuit of the neighbourhood that can take 5 km to complete having previously been limiting myself to my less ambitious 3.5 km circuit, and for the first time since June ran continuously for a straight 30 minutes (4.57 km). I wasn't even completely burned out at the end of it, so 5 km is definitely on the cards this week. I am officially back in the groove, and my hunt to chase down that illusive 30 minute 5 km is back on (in the Spring, I topped off at 32 minutes). To improve matters, I have started to feel my trousers getting a little looser around the waist, and I'm having to think about a belt. I expect Christmas good cheer will delay downsizing, but if I keep this up, I might actually be able to describe myself as not tubby some time in the new year.


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5 Replies

  • Good job getting back on that horse and whipping butt! It is never easy but you win points for perseverance. Well done on the 4.57km in 30min. Very impressive and not far of the elusive 5k/30min goal. According to another recent poster apparently having a younger specimen of the opposite sex run past you can spur you on. Could be worth trying! :) I had my (marathon running) sister setting pace in front of me this morning and somehow managed to knock a minute off my first 1km by accident. Cheers to downsizing and needing belts!

  • If you stick with it you will find what you're seeking, eg looser trousers and improved health. If you keep making excuses not to run then you'll end up disappointed. I hope you will find your mojo and get going and keep going.

    Come on RCP, you can do this!

  • I've been up and down in a similar way with the programme since July. The summer hol stopped me first time, I got to week 4 then had a severe bad back which put me out until a few weeks ago. Got back into it for 3 weeks then got flu! It's nice to hear that keeping on trying brings results and I'll think about that when I attempt week 2 all over again once my breathing is clear.

  • I really love this. As you know this chinese proverb, a journey of a 1000 miles starts with the first step. You've taken it, you are doing wonderfully well. build it up slowly, you won't even notice that you are running better! If you can do it!

  • Thanks for the positive words everyone, they definitely worked. I set out this evening to break 5k for the first time since June. I set out at an unadventurous "long slow run" pace and went round the course. At 4.5k, I felt really good, so I added a loop round that would bring me home at about 5.2k, but then a really great song came up on my playlist, so I thought I'd go past home and have my warm down walk back. I then did a little loopy bit because another great song came on, and when I reached a sensible place to stop, my run logging app on my phone congratulated me on my longest run in terms of both distance and time ever, including when I was running 5k 3x a week in the spring. I completed 6.32 km in just under 42 minutes. Next time I'll go for a speedier run and see how quick I can make 5k in. Perhaps that 30 minute time is within reach.

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