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W3R1 - feels like I am back in week 1 lol

I did manage to complete my first run of the 3rd week but my legs feel like they did in week1.

My 'brisk' walks (or just normal walks in my case) have gone back to near limping at the end. I felt every second of that last minute of the run/jog. More daunting when you roughly know how much distance you need to cover for 3 minutes worth as I run in a circuit around the park. Like they say, ignorance is bliss :D

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Console yourself with the knowledge that when you push yourself like that is when you are building your fitness up! Well done on getting through it. Some runs are better than others be them week 1, week 3 or a full 10km!

Keep at it!


I thought I'd really taken a big step back in week 3- I'd been steadily building the distance I was covering through weeks 1 and 2 and then I was completely back to square one. I don't know why, but 90 seconds to 3 minutes feels like a big jump. However, week 3 does get easier. I always find the first run of a new week the hardest because you don't know what to expect or how you will cope. I started week 4 yesterday and trust me, it gets better! Keep going! X


I have w3r1 coming up tomorrow, and I have a feeling I'm going to struggle too. Hey, but you completed it, and that's what counts!


Its definitely do-able. I don't know about u but I went from almost no exercise to doing this. On my first day my legs hurt a lot. But since then my leg pains disappear away by the time I have had breakfast, but today I still have a slight pain like on first day. But good luck and you can do it!


I have just done week 3 R1 this morning I think the secret is to listen to Laura and completely relax as you are running. This helps stop the anxiety that builds and helps with the breathing. I also managed to pace myself, Good luck


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