Back in the game!!!!

For the last month i have been completely out of the game. I had what i thought was really bad food poisoning at the end of last month. It seems that gallstones is a more likely diagnosis. The cramping attacks had left my abdominal muscles very tender. I have tried to do a bit of running but just couldnt complete.

Being out almost a month. I decided today I was going to go and try again. I went for the c25k+ speed run.

I am pleased with the outcome. I was pretty worried that i might have lost all the work I had put into graduating C25K.

I did the run at 8.5kph for the slow interval, for the first three intervals i ran at 11kph, for the fourth and fifth I ran at 10kph at the last I ran for 12.5kph (that treadmill was smoking!).

Following the run i went straight to 40 minutes of kettlebells. It was amusing in how much harder the kettlebells workout (kettlercise) was than normal. It was as if my body was drained of energy.

Once I finished that I went to my slimming world class. Now 95 1/2 pounds down (6 st 11 1/2) on my weigh in day the week before I started my C25K journey.


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10 Replies

  • Fantastic ! Well done. I've done the whole gall bladder thing. Really pleased when they took the damn thing out :-)

  • Wow! That gives me some hope. I was at the end of week 6 when I broke my wrist and have been out of action for about a month now. Plaster comes off in a week. Maybe I won't have to start from scratch, who knows. Well done you!

  • Well done - great to hear you're back!

  • Gall stone attacks are not pleasent at all. Had my Gall Bladder removed in May, and feel so much better now, no longer scared to eat in case I got an attack! Well done on the weight loss too! I am on wk 7 now and have lost 12lbs so far, quite a bit more to go, but hoping that the more running I do, the more I'll loose. Welldone, and good luck with the gall stones!

  • Glad you are feeling much better! Sounds like you had an amazing workout! Congratulations on the weight-loss, I bet you look and feel awesome!

  • It's great to hear from you. Sorry to hear you've had a bad time of it, but sounds like it's getting better, and brilliant that you can pick up the running again without too many problems.

    I love the pic :)

  • Thks for this, makes me feel better, I slipped down the bottom stair last night, I didn't hurt myself but I twisted my ankle (my bad ankle that I broke 10 years ago but has never been right since!) Not badly twisted I could walk on it today but I can feel it when I move, probably just bruised, anywhay was supposed to be doing week 6 run 2 today but thought I should rest it seen as we are going into longer runs now, I really thought I would have to repeat a week (which I didn't want to do as after doing week 5 run 3 I HATE interval running!!) Maybe I will be ok if I rest a few days. Struggled so much to get to here, I really don't want to go backwards!

  • "Back in the game" was going round in my head earlier - I ran for over 4 miles after 2-3 weeks of struggling due to injury. Doesn't it feel great to be back ? :-)

  • Gazter, welcome back! But forget the running...95.5 POUNDS DOWN???? You are THE MAN!! That is incredible!! My wife (gdeann) and I have been losing slowly and consistently over the last 16 months. It has been a lifestyle change that has made C25K possible!! Keep it up!! You are an inspiration and a testimony to what weight loss and activity can do!!

  • thanks all for your comments, much appreciated :)

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