Whoopee! I graduated :-)

Hurrah! Just got my graduate badge. I actually did my W9R3 last week, but just worked out how to get the badge. Quite choked up seeing it there next to my user name, almost as good as on the day I did the run :-) I still can't run 5k in 30 mins, so that's the next goal, but not in any rush to get there - even being able to run for 30 mins without my legs feeling like jelly at the end of it will be a great feeling. Thanks to everyone on here that has been so supportive - particularly helpful in Week 5 I recall. It's a great forum. To anyone reading this that might be struggling - keep going, you can do it. If I can, anyone can!


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24 Replies

  • Congratulations you incredible person who did not give up!!

  • Thanks - I run with a friend, that was a big help to motivation!

  • My friends are all too fast :-(

  • I'm lucky in that we are equally slow, though gradually getting quicker. I do about 3.3km in 30 mins so a way to go to 5k. (I'm not sure I'll ever be that fast, but even if not it's better than sitting on the couch!) Anyway - you got to graduation running on your own, an even bigger achievement I'd say!

  • Mine think I am loopy :) Great eh ?

  • But you ran it :)

  • Great work! Well done, that's a huge achievement. Big cyber high five from me! ;0)

  • Congratulations xx

  • Can I ask how you found badge I must be a bit dim 🤣🤣🤣

  • You're not dim - took me a bit of searching. Go up to the pinned posts on the right hand side (on desktop, not sure where if your on a phone) There's one called September 2017 Graduation Badge. You just reply to that with request for your badge, and then it will be added.

  • Thank you xx

  • Congratulations! Well done :)

  • Thanks, appreciate that. :-)

  • Awww congratulations to you. I can't see the end as yet and I'm not looking that far, just run by run at the moment but I love to read when others have done the hard work and made it to the end. Well done!

  • You'll get there before you know it! Thanks for the kind wishes x

  • Well done and many congratulations to you for your great achievement. I graduated in June and have only managed to run 5k in 30 mins once. I'm usually in around 32 to 33 minutes for 5K. Just being able to run 5K is a great achievement. I'm happy with that.

    Best wishes and enjoy your graduation runs.

  • Well done for running 5k - I'll get there in the end (even if it takes more than 30 mins, running for 30 mins is about as much as I can manage at the moment, but building up to it!)

    Thanks for the kind wishes :-)

  • Check out Parkrun. It's a great way of training for 5K. Don't feel like you have run it all. Loads run and walk their way around the course. Including me some weeks.😀

  • Yippee! Well done you!🍾

  • Thank you ! x

  • Congratulations GRADUATE!!!! Very well done you. bask in the glory and wear that badge with pride:)

  • Thanks Oldfloss, and for the advice on the way :-)

  • The best bit..it goes on... this time your journey... your way! But for now..just enjoy... I shall raise a glass to you..cheers:)

  • Well done AJ...I was one step behind you 😉

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