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Planned Run


Right this weeks running has gone to pot already and its only Tuesday!

Yesterday planned 10.5km run - temperature not too unbearable but i just couldn't get into it. I gave up after 1km. There has been a lot going on and i just didn't have the mental strength for a run too. Told myself i would get up early and go for a run - well when the oh got home we had some wine to mull over our options and of course i never made it out this morning.

To make matters worse i was planning to run at night before my race - well this hasn't happened either - so here i am making a commitment to all you good folks - i am going for a run (distance unknown) at 8:25 tonight - please check up with tomorrow that i did it and if i haven't - well i let you decide my fate -

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Go for it Vix! You can do it! You WILL do it! Life gets in the way of our best intentions but, as the song says: Pick yourself up, Dust yourself off, And start all over again :)

VixchileGraduate in reply to AncientMum

I never made it! I am on a very dangerous slope. Tonight is the night - I need to run tonight or else I am in a dangerous place for my race on Saturday. Hope your fully recovered and well!

AncientMumGraduate in reply to Vixchile

Oh well, that was yesterday, today is today. You really can do it, Sweetie. To quote Corporal Jones, " Don't panic!!" ;)

I didn't run this morning either. No excuse, I just didn't get up in time. We're both very naughty girls and we must do better! Heehee ;)


I'm having a rough time at the moment too, and mentally it can really make things difficult I know! But don't be too hard on yourself. xx

VixchileGraduate in reply to Hidden

I thought running would help but there is too much on, didn't make it last night so going tonight. I am very slippery slope as this is how it starts with me. However I have invested a lot of sweat and some pain getting this far so I must continue

HiddenGraduate in reply to Vixchile

Do you listen to music when you run? I find it helps me to switch my mind off from other worries that might distract me.

You seem determined to continue so that's the main thing! Don't push yourself too hard and just go out for a shorter run maybe?

I must admit I am struggling myself at the moment to maintain 3 runs a week and am currently down to 2. But it's better than nothing!

Hope you manage to get out tonight. xx

You've told us now so you have to do it Vixchile! You know you want to.

VixchileGraduate in reply to Irishprincess

I didn't make it but tonight is the night.


Hope you manage it Vixchile :)

VixchileGraduate in reply to Barbarajs

Thank you, I am now aiming for tonight.


I am so with you there, I have NOT run more times ( when I planned to) than when I actually made it out. Give yourself some slack.......and when you do go out, just enjoy it :)

VixchileGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

Thank you! I need to just learn to let it be but I think I have finally accepted this week is not going to plan however I must go out tonight! Especially as I didn't manage last night. I know once this week is over things will be ok.

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