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I didn't run - what to do

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Well i've completed C25K now and just running to my own tune. Seems OK but think the motivation has waned a bit. Maybe I'm missing the routine and challenge of finishing something, maybe I'm just missing Laura!! I get up at 5.35am to go for run before work as too many excuses after. Friday is a run day and I got up, turned alarm off, put top half clothes on and then back to bad! Am I bad. In my defence - which is week, I was tired but I always am when the alarm goes off but if it's work I get up and get on with it. I feel a bit of a cold coming on, but I didn't when I work up. I'm drawing a line and going to go out Monday as normal. I am beating myself up and hoping this doesn't mean that I just stop....Any words gratefully appreciated.

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We all have off days, forget about it and go back to your routine on Monday.

Have you looked at C25K+?

I'm newly graduated so I will just carry on running w9 for a while yet ( don't feel I can let go of Laura just yet, even with the naff music.)

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jojohoveGraduate in reply to runningmam

Thanks. Yes I'll be back on Monday.

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Have you another goal to help motivate you? That might be all you need? I've just graduated and to give me something else to aim for I've registered with park run. I've a mental goal of first week in August, so I've 6 weeks to establish a routine and increase fitness. After that I want to do the speed/stamina podcasts and then look at increasing my distance.

I think it helps, having more milestones to work towards.

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Try a B210K. Good challenge. :-D

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You sound just like me, I posted much the same feeling, but hey postivity for next week.

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I think that if you have a goal to attein, it really helps you keeping motivated. I can run 30' without stopping, but I'm currently working on 5k during my running sessions with the RunKeeper 5k program. I'm far from completing the 5k under 30' yet, but I've made a dramatic progress since I started it about a month and a half ago. Then, I'll move on with the NHS C25K+ podcasts until I reach my goal. I already plan on doing RunKeeper Run For Fat Loss program next, followed by B210K, and finally Zombies, Run! to keep me motivated. It'll probably take something like a year or two to do all this. Hopefully, running would have become an habit by then, an habit that I would never skip because I wouldn't even imagine it.

You've came from so far, building up strength and stamina for weeks, accumulating victories on your old self, so please, keep going if you enjoyed it!! Good luck!! :-)

Why not see if you can find a local Parkrun, Like DavD I'm struggling to get my 5K under 30mins - current best is 34.... I'm using Parkrun every Saturday morning as a goal to work towards....

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Thanks guys. Going out tomorrow (honest!). I've upped my 30 mins to 32 without stopping and like the idea of aiming for 5K in that time. Not sure I can even face thinking about 10K or running for an hour! Good luck one and all x

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I think if you made a start and still went back to bed, it may have been a sign that not running was not such a bad idea. It takes more than one of these to make a drop out - as you say, draw the line and get out on Monday.

As others have said, there are a few challenges you can set yourself - C25K+, Runkeeper's Run for Fat Loss, Audiofuel. Are you trying different routes, hills?

And no you are not 'bad' for not running - it's not a moral issue.

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jojohoveGraduate in reply to GoogleMe

Thank you. Yes maybe my body was saying it needed rest. Well I went today, stayed in bed as long as could but went out! Really tired but I did 30 mins and not bad pace. My goal is to increase my speed to attain 5k in 30 mins!

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Don’t beat yourself up. I did the same last week. I aim to be out at 5.30am. Woke up feeling tired & stayed in bed! I try to go bed earlier in the hope it’s easier to get up! Dark & cold outside doesn’t help!

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