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My best run ever!!!!!

Well, this morning I was about 2 seconds from turning over and going back to sleep saying to myself that I would run tomorrow, when I pulled myself up. I have spent the past two days in meeting and doing two four hour bus rides, so felt I needed a short run to get moving again. Well, I just kept on going! Every time I thought I would run to the next lamp post I just kept running! It was wonderful. At the end of my 30 minutes, I just kept on. It has never happened to me like that before. I ended up doing 6.62k! Amazing for me. After 6 months of this, I now know what people mean by the 'high' you get.

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Yep sounds like to got the hight alright!! ;) Its a lovely feeling isnt it? Just wish all runs could be like that......

Well done! Enjoy the feeling and I hope it makes you breeze through the day on a cloud!



How lovely! :)


well done you got the same high today with 7km round the running track that I discovered near me. Plus 1.5 km jog there and back total 10,2 km. Job done and feel great.


Amazing job! Well done!!


Awesome work! Cam' wait to get the feeling that I can just keep going...maybe one day soon.


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