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Run on the spot

Well I feel so bad this morning after coming on here. Last night I had such good intentions of getting up early to do a morning run. I haven’t ran in the morning for a couple of months but I cannot run tonight as I am going straight out after work. Anyway I would need to get up at 5.40 if I was going to go out. Well I woke at 5.00 which is far too early. I was awake but at 5.40 but I am ashamed to say I just rolled over and thought I could have another hour in bed. At first when I got up and heard the dreadful weather I thought well it is just as well I didn’t get up. Because you see even though I have graduated I have yet to run in wet windy weather. When I went downstairs I saw my neighbour over the road jogging inside his house. I did ponder whether that was worth a try in the future if the weather was really bad. Has anyone ever tried that and would it be beneficial.

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Depends on the layout of your house. Might make you unpopular with other occupants... and hard to get a good rhythm going. I am sure it is yet another skill (like treadmill and outdoor running being different). We have had people do the whole of C25K running round their house because they live somewhere that going out isn't an option.

But it is usually the getting out that is difficult with wet and windy weather... the exhilaration which comes from doing it and having done it is hard to beat.

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I think someone, on the forum, did the whole thing in there house...but cannot remember who... ( I think it was Irish John who mentioned it )...

As misswobble says, the feeling of satisfaction and sheer delight at being out there in the dark or the cold, and doing that run is unbeatable! (Indoors for me is when my cross trainer gets used for injury recovery, and icy conditions! :))


Heh. I'm considering running around my flat, I haven't gone out in a while ... but it brings up more questions ... running round the flat in running shoes seems very odd...

I think the person who ran round their living room was Cairokitten - someone mentioned them a while back and I was so curious so I searched for their posts. She said she got dizzy...!


It sounds crazy, but if you have a breathable windproof and waterproof top, running in wet and windy weather is absolutely wonderful! Also, as a running relative once said to me, "Once you are wet your wet !" 😄


Thanks for all your comments. It was just a thought about running in the house. I don’t think it would be feasible because I have wooden floors downstairs so I would probably wake everyone up. I will just need to bite the bullet and when I decide I am running just get out there and do it. In fact tomorrow morning I am going to go for it. I can’t run today because I am walking tonight with a friend. We are usually out for an hour and a half.


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