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Don't tell Laura, but I'm running every day :O I've foolishly signed up for a thing called a RunStreak, whereby you start running on Thanksgiving and run one mile every day until New Year's Day. I wasn't sure if I could do it (I'm still not sure, to be honest), but I've said that if it knackers my legs, I'll stop. I've been running for nearly 3 years now on and off, never far or fast, but I reckon even I can manage one measly mile per day.

Or can I? There are things I never considered. For a start, you have to be fairly organised with getting running clothes processed. I have quite a few tops and leggings, but it's the ForthBridgeBras that need to be washed on a regular basis. The other thing is that if it's a busy day I will have to go out in the dark, or - heaven forbid - the rain. Now, I'm not a tough type, more of a fair-weather runner, and I have been known to go for days without a run in the monsoon season. But now, I'm going to have to. And what if it snows?

Of course, you can do more than one mile a day, and I fully intended to do longer runs as well. But so far I just... haven't. Oh, there are reasons. Thursday (when it started) I was pacing out my mile, trying to find a well-lit route that would be okay in the dark and has flat pavements that I wouldn't trip up on. Friday... what was I doing on Friday? Oh yes, Friday I set out at 7am because I was on an early train down to London for the weekend, Saturday and Sunday I was with friends in London and I ate and drank too much so I was waddling more than running. Monday was recovery day, today was... you get the picture.

So this is proving rather challenging - and I'm only on my 6th day so far. Only another... 30 to go. Wish me luck!


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16 Replies

  • OMG Annie, that would be so tough! Apart from the practical stuff as you mention, there's the time and fitting it in! Could you run round and round your garden?

    Good luck with this. Sounds a great idea though. Oh just realised - you'll have to run on Christmas Day!

  • Well, it's not too bad - I was just whingeing, really :D I was out of the house for about 20 minutes this morning, so it's manageable. And I usually do a run on Christmas Day anyway - pre-turkey! Thanks for the good wishes, IP - I'll let you know how it goes!

  • You're doing great. :-)

  • So far... :D Thank you for all the support - it's very much appreciated!

  • Sounds good. Hope the legs survive. I'm hoping to run on Christmas day - as long as its not a white one!

  • Thank you! Hopefully it will toughen up my legs rather than destroy them utterly. A Christmas Day run is great - it makes me feel very virtuous, and able to stuff myself with extra pud and chocolate :D Have fun!

  • Those were my thoughts exactly - go for run and scoff the pudding virtually guilt free :)

  • Rum sauce AND brandy butter :)

  • That's hard work. I'm sure you'll succeed though Annie. I think it sounds like a great idea. We are doing our graduation run on Christmas matter what the weather. It's supposed to be Boxing Day but we've brought it forward :) xx

  • Brilliant - what a great Christmas present to yourselves :) xx

  • Fab idea :)

  • What's the aim? New knees for Christmas 2015? I get the point of doing *something* every day but not high impact every day.

    Good luck anyway!

  • Well, the way I run it's low impact, believe me, but it turns out I need some sort of a challenge to keep me motivated and I thought I'd try this one. I'll see how it goes!

  • Sounds like a very tough challenge. How did it go? :)

  • Hi Tomas, and happy New Year to you! It was tough, actually, tougher than I expected. I thought I'd be able to put longer runs in there as well but I'm obviously not as fit as I thought I was - I was knackered! It has taught me that you really do need rest days, even if you're only doing small distances. However, I made it, even through the snow and ice, which was awful - but it's not something I'll sign up for next year!

  • I'm mighty impressed. Yes, short runs are short, but if your legs haven't recovered it's gonna feel very tough. Hat off to you and well done! (And I totally understand why you don't want to repeat the challenge). Happy new year to you as well :)

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