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Aussie is still running... but not from you lot!

Aussie is still running... but not from you lot!


Hello fellow forum folks... it's been a few months since my last confession...

I confess to spending more time on Facebook than here but given my recent lack of internet access at work (banks tend to disallow random forum posting from their offices) I beg for forgiveness!

So - for all of you starting on C25K - keep going... this forum got me through C25K and has seen me through the good times, injury lows and the highs of crossing the finish line at many a race... my bling collection continues to grow... the bunch of folks on here are the nicest virtual cheer squad you'll ever have!

What of the Aussie then? Well - HM training continues and I have less than 4 weeks to go until the Hampton Court Half... the calf injury has gone and I completed my fastest ever 5k and 10k as part of an 8.2 mile run on Sunday (check out those stats!)...

This coming Sunday I'm joining in the London Winter Run 10K with a whole bunch of folks from here and Facebook (all C25K graduates) and I'm really looking forward to meeting many of you and pounding out 10000m on the streets of London! See you there Miles, JuicyJu, TurboTortoise, GettingFitter and the rest of you!

I've also been cross training on exercise bikes, rowing machines and weight training on non running days and it's made a huge difference to my overall fitness. Strengthening my core and quads on the bike and rower has meant my calf needs to compensate less and it's sorted out the nagging injury... new shoes (Kayano 21s) and a replacement set of insoles (the Footbalance ones from Sweatshop) have also helped... oh - and running tights... I LOVE running tights... must make my legs more aerodynamic...

I started C25K on 9th March 2014 and I'm now ready for what I hope will be a sub 2:15 HM on the 22 February 2015... then an 8.2 miler at the Lidl Breakfast Run on 15 March as a training run for the Richmond HM on 22nd March... :) Oh - and for those of you who remember I had to pull out of the London Zoo run last year due to injury - they've just let me know I'm in for this year as a deferral! Result!

This programme works and you get out of it everything you put in... Listen to your body, run your own pace, run your own race and above all else - love the run! I still continue to notice body shape changes and my legs have these things called "muscles" now that I only really noticed the other day in the mirror in the gym... "What are those weird lumps then Aussie??"... "Oh... quads and calf muscles... nice!"... :)

Oh - and if you're wondering, I haven't tried running backwards yet like Miles - I still have enough trouble running forwards!

And - come on HU - give me a mobile app!

Happy running ya'll... I'll be in touch!


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Can't argue with any of that! Especially the request for a HealthUnlocked App! What are the chances, Mods and Rockers? :)


Loving those Stats!!! All sounds good Aussie and a very exciting for all those race coming up. Glad to hear that your in the London Zoo race this year and great that they sorted that out. Good luck over the next few weeks with your HM training!



So I remember meeting you after your first 10k on that ridiculously hot day last July... you must be about 10-15 mins faster now?

I was just mentioning your strength training in Poppypug's thread about overcoming injuries... I totally buy into that.

So are we going to see a photo of your muscly legs? ;-)


Thanks TT - about 12 minutes faster than that stupidly hot run... knocked off 6 minutes during the Autumn running of the same race and another 6 since then... LOVING IT!

You might get to see my legs on Sunday! Although tights are likely! :)


Hi Aus!

I see you've been keeping up the good work! Well done and congrats on the PB's

I envy you meeting up with the C25k posse! It'll be a blast.


Nice one Aussie. Excellent work there and what amazing progress! See you SUnday...


Awesome Dan! Got your start time yet!? I'm with GettingFitter at 10:02


Aussie, you're back! Glad everything is going so well for you. I don't use facebook so its good to see you posting here again and keeping us all up to date. Great news re the London Zoo run, I know how disappointing that was when you were injured. Hopefully will get to meet on Sunday, can't wait to do that run! x :-)


Yay! Sunday is going to be great.. But crowded for a PB probably but awesome fun!


See you Sunday Aussie!! - Are the tights going to be off to show us all your muscles


Hi Aussie, good to see you back and good to see you're fit and well and ready for some great runs.

Wow, you've done a lot and got a lot to do!

I started a month or so after you but am far far away from your dizzy running greatness. But, I'm still running regularly so that is my running greatness.

Take care. Will be great to meet up with all those peeps - would be great if you could get a team photo.

:) xx


Team C25K photo is in the planning stages! Post race drinks may feature too... ;)

Regular running is all we need to keep us sane, fit and healthy! Keeping at it just shows we have what it takes to do something we never thought we could ... And prove ourselves wrong every time!


Hey Aussie , how are ya mate ?

Whats all this about going over to the dark side ? ie Facebook ? :-D

Its good to hear from you again, still looking as fit as ever !

Oh I bet youre going to have a great time on Sunday with the race and meeting up with the others .

All the very best to you , How's Mrs Aus and your little Aussiettes doing ? :-D xxx


Great work Aussie, those times are FAB! sounds like you have a busy year ahead! I'll be there on Sunday looking out for you all! Hope we all manage to meet up! :)


I am swooning over your garmin!

Congratualtions on the PBs :-D and good luck for sunday- it sounds like it'll be a good one :-)


Great to hear from you Aussie - sounds as if you are doing fantastically well. Hope you have a great time at the weekend.


S'okay, I've been keeping an eye on you on FB...Enjoy the weekend!


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