Graduated! And question re winter women's running clothes

Today I finally did my third week 9 run in the pouring rain. I did 4.22km in the 30 minutes which I'm quite pleased with - just need to build up now.

I'm now looking for winter running clothes recommendations. I have some cropped running leggings but think I need full length now? Also, how many top layers do you wear in the cold, and should you wear a jacket?? I have no clue but don't want the wrong equipment to put me off running in the bad weather.

Thank you!


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16 Replies

  • Well done on graduating. Sorry but I'm a novice with the clothes. Went out in full length leggings tonight, t shirt, zip up thin top & running rain jacket & had to take two layers off. (kept the leggings on mind.)

  • Hi Pyxis,

    Congratulations on finishing in the rain - I hope it was refreshing if nothing else!

    Regarding clothes, I went right through last winter (down to about 2C - I don't do ice and snow) in capri tights and a double layer long-sleeved t-shirt. I don't think I'd recommend that though! Yesterday I went in our local Aldi and managed to pick up a pair of long leggings and a compression base layer top for £10 each (get a size larger seems to be common advice). Aldi's running clothes have been in stock since mid-last week and are already almost sold out- I'd have liked a "sweatshirt" as well but they had none.

    Apart from that I have gloves (essential!), would like a better hat (also essential when it gets cold; cap good if it's wet) and an Aldi rain jacket (only useful if it's raining pretty hard - otherwise too hot).

    Hope that helps and good luck with life post C25K :-)

  • Thank you both! Brilliant advice! The running stuff usually sells out of my local Aldi pretty quick but I will check in there tomorrow to see if they have any left.

    Do you wear normal gloves or are there running gloves?

  • Good luck at Aldi! My gloves are Nike - which is positively designer for me :-) I think I found them on Amazon although they were a present. They are quite thin, close-fitting but keep my hands nice and warm.

  • I ran last winter in 3/4 length leggings down to about 2 or 3 C then in thermal leggings (full length) when it was several degrees below zero. On top I wore 2 layers - never more. This was either long-sleeved running top and short-sleeved over this, or in windy conditions, short sleeved top and a wind- and water-resistant running jacket. For this winter I've got a new thermal, wind-resistant Brooks running top - a treat bought at the expo at the Loch Ness Festival of running when I did the 10K race.

    I wear gloves at under 10C since I suffer with poor circulation in my digits and a cap against the rain, or a Buff on my head - mainly to keep my ears warm.

  • Well done on graduating.

    I got full length leggings from TKMaxx last year and a More Mile long sleeved top earlier this year but it is hit and miss what they have. I've also got a bright yellow gilet which has pockets so in really cold weather I start off with gloves and a hat and stuff them in the pockets as I warm up.

    Decathlon is worth a look, as are Go Outdoors and the other outdoor shops. I'm not sure there is much difference between the "technical" outdoor gear and running tops.

    Lidl also sometimes have stuff but you need to keep an eye on their website - although someone often will post on here when they do have stuff.

    A final thought, apart from cold hands (hence the gloves) I've never been cold during a run but reckon it's important to have something warm you can discard if you are hanging about at the start and especially make sure you don't get chilled afterwards.

  • My boobs get I am now running in a sports bra with a soft bra underneath!!! Then a thermal top and a loose tshirt...because it was raining this morning I added a really light waterproof...oh my hat and gloves too! On bottom I only have 3/4 and they work fine! WAS slightly over warm this morning, but better than being cold for me!!! I am like a lizard, such a cold body! Lol.

  • Always find useful info when browsing the posts. Feel I should go shopping now. I'm running in old trackies, a T-shirt and an ancient fleece with dog poo bags in one pocket and car keys in the other. Suspect some appropriate clothing might be inspiring.

  • This is my first year too but I also stocked up in aldi. I have gloves, long sleeve top and running sweatshirt. I picked up a wind/waterproof lightweight cycling jacket from aldi (still in stock).

    I didn't know you could get running ones but the one i have seemed ok because you can unzip the sleeves.

    I also have trackie bottoms (m and s)

  • Yes the clothing has really helped me somehow. A tight base layer makes me feel cosy and secure, whatever I wear on top, especially the Aldi base layer or compression top. Also have running gloves and running caps this week, each for £2.99. Let's beat that cold, brr!

  • Agree with all of above, but find that if you are tall the long leggings from Lidl are too short for women - I am currently 'sporting' a very unattractive look of bare flesh between the top of my short socks and long Lidl leggings which have definately got shorter since the 1st cool wash. My great success this morning was the 1st use of a little running belt that I just about fitted my keys and MP3 player in and for once was not holding both and getting tangled/pulling out the MP3 player wires - sorry I appear to be conjuring up a very 'manic' running syle - and perhaps true!

  • Wow, great suggestions - thank you so much everyone for all your advice! I have my partner's compression base layer so I think I need a long sleeve top to go on top of that and then a hat (or maybe a buff) and gloves. I have a light jacket but not sure what I would do with it if I got half way through!

  • I got an Aldi buff and gloves last week, really good value ( and daughter showed me the strange index finger end was for allowing you to work a smart phone with them on! I'm so old!)

  • Looks like you have some super replies, well done on graduating !! good work :-)

  • Thanks all!

  • Just thought I'd update - I've ordered a Montane Featherlite Marathon jacket (apparently very breathable and water resistant) and today I bought hat, gloves, long sleeve compression top, buff and new socks from Aldi! I'll have no excuse not to run in winter now :)

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