I love Santa

I think Santa made a mistake as I got so many running pressies he obviously thought I have been a very, very good girl!

In no particular order, these were in my stockings:-

- Purple and green thermal jacket

- black/pink leggings

- beanie for these freezing days

- belt for water bottle

- subscription to Womens Running magazine for a year!

Can't wait to try them out. I haven't been for a run since Christmas Eve as we've had a houseful since then but they've left and tomorrow is the day I'm back! Can't wait.

Hope everyone had a fab Christmas and Santa was good to you too.

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  • I'm very excited about the running mag KittyKat and yes will definitely pass on their tips! Just had my porridge and waiting for it to digest before I venture out. It's absolutely stunning here this morning. Sunny, golden and a heavy frost. I'm like a prisoner on the final day - can't wait to get out!

  • You were a lucky girl! Let us know how tomorrow's run goes!

  • I was thinking maybe I was bad and not good! (Can't do smiley on ipad).

  • Hi IP! :-)

    Santa has brought you lots of really nice things! :-) The magazine subscription is great; if it's anything like Men's Running it will be a good read. I often toy with the idea of buying a copy of Women's Running just to see what it's like............! :D

    I got a couple of running calendars from Santa Dearest. :-)

  • Yes the magazine will be a great gift Miles - it'll be like Christmas every month! I've looked through Men's Running sometimes but it is very much geared for, well, men! I imagine some features are repeated in both.

    Enjoy the running calendars. A different picture every month to inspire. What's not to love?

  • Wow IP, you got some fab goodies there ! Aw Santa, what a star ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppypug I'm a very lucky girl! xx

  • OOh lucky you!

  • I know! Soooo lucky!

  • Crumbs!! You must have been REALLY good to get that little lot. Happy running :)

  • Or REALLY bad AM! I can't decide!

  • Ooh how lovely! Have you tried any of it out yet :)

  • Yes. Wore the jacket today as it's thermal and I thought I needed it! The beanie too. They were toasty. Bit of a colour clash with the rest of my outfit but who cares?

  • wow you must have been such a good girl :D will see you coming for miles with those colours :)

  • Yeah they are rather ..... um .... noticeable! But you know I like my bright colours Rob!

  • What a lucky girl! I shan't ask what you did to deserve all that!!

    I subscribed the Women's Running for my wife, and found it s much better than the men's equivalent that I hi-jacked it started reading it myself. An excellent source of information, diets (the recipes are excellent as I recall), exercises and routes. Enjoy reading it, you lucky girl.

    I shall now pop off and re-subscribe myself.......

    Happy and safe running in the new year.

  • That's a very good endorsement Sallycycle! Thank you.

    I'm going to sit down tonight with a glass of bubbly (well, it's still Christmas) and browse the February edition ( yes really). I see the front cover includes the words " Stylish gear. 28 hot new running looks!".

    I fear 2015 is the year I might go broke.

    Happy running to you too.

  • Well... with all that equipment, you've got no excuse left, and simply have to be out there running all the time to show the gifters how much you love said gifts :) Merry Christmas, IP :)

  • Said gifts have had their first outing today, apart from the water belt and the magazine. I didn't need the water and I couldn't work out where to put the magazine. Love them all.

    Happy Christmas to you too Tomas.

  • Well you must have been very good! That is a lovely list of running goodies! I am sure in no time the water belt will be needed.

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