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Boxing Day- first good weather run in a week

Today was the first day without driving rain and high winds. So off I went running for the first time with my sister, who is over from the USA for the holidays.

Having not run with anyone before, apart from a 10k race, I was not sure how it would go, but it was great, her pace is similar to mine and we just chatted the whole way through the 8.6km run in the sunshine. It went really quickly and was enjoyable.

Proud that I have been out there today.

It was good run and can't wait to get back out there weather permitting.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Keep up with the running.

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What a lovely way to spend time with your sister.


You chatted too. I haven't mastered that yet. Sounds as though you really enjoyed it.


Sounds lovely nice to see you , I am running on my own, Barry having radio therapy at the moment. This morning was very windy, did 3.57km still very slow, Pat


Pat, your still out there and enjoying it, respect to you. Hope Barry is ok, sending you good thoughts.


What a lovely thing to do. You have inspired me. I am spending new year with my sister who did start the programme but only did run 1 week 1 then stopped. Decided it wasn't for her. I might see if she fancies another go and go out with her for the first couple of runs. You never know, a bit of company might be the just the thing :)


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