Parkrun done! Fab! Fab! New PB!

Today was my first Parkrun. Thank you for your replies to my post yesterday and support wishing me luck. It made a big difference to how I felt on the run as I imagined you there cheering me on! You really are a fab bunch of people. Ok, so here's how it went.

I drove through storming rain, arrived early and headed straight to a group of marshals, at which point I said "hello. I'm a first timer". They all cheered and that was it! I was hooked! They were so friendly and told me what to do, how the course was run, asked me questions and generally made me feel very welcome. " just run as fast as you can" they said! Oh er, I thought. If I did that I'd only manage 1K! But what a lovely start.

Then, a quick loo break and I started the warm up walk and various exercises. The rain had stopped by this time which was great news. Lots of cars arrived and various shapes, sizes, ages of runners emerged. I started to feel a bit excited/nervous etc etc but I was so immersed in my warm up I missed the introduction! Anyway, we all made our way to the start, I kept to the back and we were off.

The advice from you good folks on here is not to go too fast at the start so I heeded that advice and ignored everyone else, trying to get my own pace. The run was 3 loops of the playing fields, flat apart from a little incline at the end of each lap. I did run the course a few weeks ago but realised that I had run the other way! Oops.

So I was feeling great, passing some people , others passing me, running a spritely rhythm. First lap done, passed some marshals who said "great time". Oh maybe I'm going too fast and need to slow down I thought. Slowed a little, out of breath but do'able so carried on. A nice marshal called me a girl, so that put a smile on my face! It's been a long time since I was a girl! Second lap done, getting tired, felt a bit sick but upped the pace. When I ran this in practice I did it in 33.34 but I wasn't really pushing it then so I thought if I could do it under 33 minutes today I'd be very happy.

A few yards from the finish I noticed a young girl in front of me whose laces had come undone. I know it was bad of me but I thought " I hope she doesn't trip on those because I'd have to stop and help her". I'm a bad person. But she didn't and I gave it my all to the finish where lots of marshals were cheering and clapping. Fabulous!

I got my chip, my bar code didn't work (moment of panic) but a nice marshal sorted it out. It's a good job because in all the excitement at the finish I forgot to stop my Garmin! Bu**er!

I must say the marshals were brilliant. They clapped and encouraged every runner at various points in the race. They were friendly, helpful and just lovely and I'll definitely go back.

I got my time. 32.28! So chuffed with that. I was 88th out of 119 and third in my age category! I'm a very happy runner.

Hubby is making dinner. Gammon slow cooked in coca cola with treacle and cloves (Nigella recipe), mashed potatoes and fried leeks! Yum. Can't wait. A few glasses of red wine, Strictly, oh and Ireland (was) winning the rugby!

A perfect day really!


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  • Wow. IP that's a fabulous time. So pleased for you and thanks for the post. Your parkrun sounds great :) :)

  • Thank you Barbara. It was just the best.

  • Great to to hear it was such a success and a great PB as your first Parkrun time. Enjoy your dinner you have earned it today

  • Thank you for your support c4ts. Can't wait for dinner!

  • well done irish :D sounds like a wonderful experience :D I should get my slow butt to one soon :D so pleased you had a positive experience :D and a really good time too :D

  • Many thanks Rob. I thought of you all on the way around!

  • Great to hear it went well....and what a time!Here's to many more slurp!

  • I haven't started to slurp yet..... Soon though! Thank you.

  • Sounds great IP. So glad you enjoyed it. I expect you are completely hooked now!

  • Definitely hooked Ullyrunner! Have to shave off those 28 seconds, then the 2 minutes.........

  • Definitely Irish Queen today!! Parkrun is the place for PBs......and you know they are accurate too.

  • Thank you IT. It's just that the gauntlet has been thrown now......

  • Oh how funny KittyKat! Still, stranger things have happened in this house so it's not impossible for me to be having slow cooked garmin!

    My hubby is the best and ( don't tell him) but he's a very good cook!

    Thank you so much for all your support and lovely words.

  • Oh how funny KittyKat! Still, stranger things have happened in this house so it's not impossible for me to be having slow cooked garmin!

    My hubby is the best and ( don't tell him) but he's a very good cook!

    Thank you so much for all your support and lovely words.

  • Fantastic IP well done on your Parkrun - a PM too can't be bad. Sounds like you had a great time and you might be a little bit hooked.

  • Thank you so much GF. Didn't expect a PB but I'll take it! And yes there is now no cure, I'm hooked.

  • Thats a really great time, and it sounds like a fab park run...well done you :)

  • Thank you JJ. You're so supportive.

  • Well done IrishPrincess, that's a great time, and more importantly, you enjoyed it :)

    So pleased your ParkRun experience was a positive one :)

  • Thank you so much Zev. I remembered what you said and it worked.

  • Fantastic ! Amazing ! Great job and well done you...

  • Henpen, thank you!

  • Oh Irish Princess I am soooooo glad for you . You sound that you had great time and what a time Wow! Your excitement and happiness just oozes out your post - am imagining you jumping up and down and punching the air. Isn't it just so good when marshals say well done and cheer Makes you feel like a wee girl again . Have you had a look at your age grading ? That can be quite interesting. But main thing was that you had fun and enjoyed it.

  • Thank you so much for your kind words and for your reminder this morning to remember my barcode! You're the best.

    My age grading is 56.52% so room for improvement but it's a start! The marshals were so good I'm going to send them an email telling them.

  • It's great %. I think it's lovely when people thank volunteers on our facebook page. Just another wee tip . I was lucky and managed to get new PB for first few parkruns I did and then I ran one that was slower. I was absolutely gutted! My son in law and daughters said you can't expect to get better every week or we would all be running at the Olympics . It took me a wee while to appreciate that some parkruns would be hard, some would be slow, some would feel perfect , some faster - bit like any other run you do. So what I'm trying to say its a run not a race and the only pressure is the pressure you put on yourself . So enjoy all your futire parkruns ( saying that it's great when you do get a new PB!!!)

  • Very wise words Fitfor60 and I will heed them. You're right we can't get an improved time every run. I'm not even gong to try to get faster at the minute and just carry on with my 10K training, but will do another Parkrun in maybe a month's time and just enjoy the faster run!

  • Think that's a good idea to mix up your running distance Keeps things interesting . Happy running

  • What a total star - well done - it sounds like you had such a brilliant time - impressive :)

  • Thank you Runon. Fab time.

  • Ace! Well done you and what a fabulously positive and inspiring post!

    I look forward to the day ...... :-) :-)

    Enjoy your meal!

  • Thank you so much BabsB. The meal was yummy!

  • Well done Irish , sounds like you had a fab time . Its posts like this that really want me to give Parkrun a go. Maybe next week , you never know :-)

    That is a really good time, I would be very very happy with that, great stuff !

    What a lovely day you have had and I hope you enjoyed your dinner :-) xxx

  • Go for it poppy pug You'll love it. Real foodie club has started a post about good experiences at Parkruns Maybe worth a look to see if yours is there

  • Poppypug you're so kind. Give it a go. You know you want to! And yes I really enjoyed my dinner. Think I overdid the red wine a bit though. Good job today is a rest day!

  • what a great post! Sounds like fab run with a great bunch of friendly people. This is what I love about running it opens up so many new opportunities and experience plus your doing your body some good at the same time.

  • Yes running is a win/win however you look at it. Thank you Vixchile.

  • Many many congratulations IP. That's a great performance. I'd love to think I could get even close to that some day. Very well done! Steve x

  • Thank you so much Steve. Like many people here, I never thought I'd be a runner and actually love it! It really is a life changing habit.

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