Just got back from my first Parkrun!

Wow it was tough! Some pretty steep hills but I actually enjoyed the challenge!

I got talking to another newbie and she was training for the Great North Run so I didn't try and keep up with her! But bless her, she waited for me at the finish line!

Everyone was friendly, the marshals are fab, and really give you a boost to keep going!

Not sure of my time as I was so busy chatting at the finish line, I forgot to stop my timer! So I'll have to wait til the times are posted later but I think it was around the 37 min mark.

I can highly recommend Parkruns to anyone who is thinking of trying them! Great atmosphere and fab to run with others!

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  • Well done you on your first Parkrun with hills too, brave girl. :)

  • Thank you Oldgirl! I don't think I would've done it without the encouragement on here!

  • Fantastic news!!! Glad you enjoyed it and getting out there with other runners. I was at my local park yesterday and intend to join some group runs Its affiliated to Run England My eyes nearly popped out when I read that they also have a C25K group and invite people to register.

  • Thanks Mazzero!

    Ah that sounds bril!! And something for you to look forward to after your graduation! You'll definitely have to register as a C25K member, do your bit for the team!

  • Whooppeeee! You and me both, waiting for 'that' email!

  • Ah well done Beads!! Did you enjoy it?

  • Just got my time, it was 36.25, so even better than I thought!

    Not a 5k PB but I'm happy cos of those inclines!

    Good luck to those waiting for their times!

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