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Just got back from my first Parkrun!

Wow it was tough! Some pretty steep hills but I actually enjoyed the challenge!

I got talking to another newbie and she was training for the Great North Run so I didn't try and keep up with her! But bless her, she waited for me at the finish line!

Everyone was friendly, the marshals are fab, and really give you a boost to keep going!

Not sure of my time as I was so busy chatting at the finish line, I forgot to stop my timer! So I'll have to wait til the times are posted later but I think it was around the 37 min mark.

I can highly recommend Parkruns to anyone who is thinking of trying them! Great atmosphere and fab to run with others!

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Well done you on your first Parkrun with hills too, brave girl. :)


Thank you Oldgirl! I don't think I would've done it without the encouragement on here!


Fantastic news!!! Glad you enjoyed it and getting out there with other runners. I was at my local park yesterday and intend to join some group runs Its affiliated to Run England My eyes nearly popped out when I read that they also have a C25K group and invite people to register.


Thanks Mazzero!

Ah that sounds bril!! And something for you to look forward to after your graduation! You'll definitely have to register as a C25K member, do your bit for the team!


Whooppeeee! You and me both, waiting for 'that' email!


Ah well done Beads!! Did you enjoy it?


Just got my time, it was 36.25, so even better than I thought!

Not a 5k PB but I'm happy cos of those inclines!

Good luck to those waiting for their times!


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