I've just done it!

I've just done it!

Run 5k in <35mins that is :-)

Mapmyrun shows I ran 5.25k in 35.25 mins. The total of the 5k splits is 33.29 mins :-) :-) I am beyond delighted and just can't believe that I've been able to do it.

This previously chubby, unfit, cider swilling bod has been able to go out and do that!

So I've taken one of those selfie type piccies the youngsters nowadays take (not sure how they manage it all the time!) of me after my run.

Hope you all have a great running weekend and just a great weekend generally.

:-) xx


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  • well done a great run/time and the selfie :) it is amazing we can achieve . enjoy your weekend too xx

  • I continue to be amazed rob :-) xx

  • Well done Pinky. That is another milestone and just goes to show what C25k can do for us. Congratulations. I suppose the next target is the big 3 O. Good luck, you CAN do it!!

  • C25k has simply been the best thing. And to think that this time last year I was pretty unwell recovering from a pulmonary embolism.

    I'll keep the big 3 0 in mind..

  • Wow! Congratulations on the new personal best! That's a huge amount of time to shave off. What's the next goal?

  • Thanks :-)

    Next goal.. well I know I'll keep on running so I'm sure the next goal will come to me when I'm ready

    :-) xx

  • Wow! I can't seem to hold the phone in one hand and take the picture at the same time. I think I could probably run a sub 30 5k more easily than I can take a selfie, and that's not gonna happen this side of about 2016!!!

  • I don't know how the youngsters manage all the time - fb is full of piccies from my younger friends, usually showing off how fab they look on their way out into town!

    Run a sub 30 5k??!! Now that'll be hard! But will bear it in mind..

  • How fantastic. Love the selfie! You look great.

    What a wonderful achievement Pink angel :)

  • Ah thanks barb :-) xx

  • Nice pic and great time. Well done. It was nice out this morning wasn't it.

  • Thanks dnu. It was a lovely morning and now a lovely afternoon :-) xx

  • Great time Pinky! You should be well chuffed with that, and the selfie. I'm with Useit, how do they take selfies. I tried and look like some kind of nutter. It's the contortions, trying to focus without specs and take the ruddy photo holding phone or tablet. I just don't have the necessary co-ordination. I think I'd find Strictly a tad easier and that's with two left feet.

    I think you'll nail the 30 minute thing when you least expect it. It will just happen as you are merrily jogging round your usual neck of the woods, minding your own business. You'll get to the end of your run, check your stats and fall down backwards in a dead faint cos you did it. LOL What a fab day that will be. Even fabber than today's

    It just shows what we can physically achieve when most of us here thought we could hardly move at all, ne'er mind don Lycra and shift it

    Good int it!

  • Yes, these young uns are like contortionists! While in Edinburgh last weekend I noticed lots of them with these sticks on their camera phones, to allow them to take proper selfies easily! Why would you..

    Well this time took me by surprise so hopefully the 30 mins will too! It won't be just yet I don't expect.. give me a few weeks :-)

    Re the lycra, there's no way on earth I would ever have thought I'd own so much! I love having a fine selection to choose from - much of it pink!

    :-) xx

  • Well done Pinky, both on the run and the selfie I have tried the latter but somehow manage to look remarkably like the wardrobe to the left of me or in fact a very large finger! Having now seen a pic I can confirm that not only are you running BUT you also look like a runner and can hold your own in any group of runners from now onwards.Huge congratulations on your achievements and I can only hope I do half as well.

  • Ah thanks Pot, I never dreamed I ever look like a runner :-)

    So you're on about the week 4 stage of the programme.. when the fun really starts.. stick with Laura, don't rush or overdo anything and you'll do just fine. I was in no way a runner - in fact I was the family's dedicated non-runner a bit like yourself - and by sticking with it, coming here for inspiration and support, then you'll make it - graduation is an amazing achievement.

    So good luck with the rest.

    Take care

    :-) xx

  • great pic, great run and great time....looking pretty fit too :)

  • Thanks. I've never been properly fit before so just goes to show that even at the grand age of 49 these things aren't out of reach

    :-) xx

  • Aww, just look at your happy little face! Brilliant time, very well done! C25K is amazing you're amazing we're ALL amazing aren't we?

    I think selfies are done these days with phones with 2 cameras, one on the front so you can see yourself on the screen. All of mine just show my eye brows...

  • Thanks Curly.

    Hey you're right, we're all amazing here! Just love it :-) :-)

    Still feeling it now from this morning's run which is good - no pain no gain and all that!

    :-) xx

  • Well done -great time!

  • Thank you x

  • Oh well done ! That's fantastic, knew you had it in you....

  • Thanks henpen.. such confidence.. :-) xx

  • Go Pinky ! I agree, you DO look like a runner ! Hey , well done , that is a fantastic time ,fab stuff !

    Blimey, you have done so, so well . What a fantastic achievement considering you were so ill. Embolism's are serious stuff .

    Hope you have many more happy, running adventures ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppy. C25k and all you lovely guys on this forum, can only spur someone on. Sticking to what Laura says and taking advice and inspiration from here (and some self determination! ) = success.

    I'm feeling fitter than ever nowadays (ok, we all get a bit ill from time to time) so hopefully will avoid those nasty embolism again!

    :-) xx

  • Loving the picture and fab colour top. Love bright clothing!

    Fantastic time! That is something to celebrate and enjoy. What an incredible journey and it's amazing to think how of a difference c25k has made.

    Have a fab weekend xx

  • Ooo thanks Vix. Gotta love a bright top :-)

    C25k and you lovely people have made a big difference to my life, I couldn't be more pleased.

    :-) xx

  • Congratulations!

  • Cheers rob :-) x

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