I've done it! I've only gone and done it!

1st December. I was determined that this morning WOULD be my 5k graduation run excluding the walkie bits. This was my Couch to 5k after all. I needed to do that. I only bloomin' well have! Yes it was tough again. Yes, I wondered if this would be my last run ever. Yes, I wanted to stop again at about 20 minutes but I didn't. When Laura said stop running I decided I'd keep going and run home. That way I'd be sure of covering the 5k so that's what I did! I'd done 5.17k in 34 minutes 6 seconds! I can't believe it! There was sadly no-one apart from Dudley Dog to greet me. Hubby is up North for the weekend, Son at work. I got 5 minutes of solid licking by means of congratulations from the dog :-) Tearful phone calls followed though!

This has been an incredible journey. An achievement of mind over matter. Three of my friends have started since I have and are going great in their own ways. One thing is for sure; without the support of you guys on this forum I wouldn't have completed it. Fact. Thank you so much. You're all amazing and inspirational. I hope to share our 'post graduate' (man, I LOVE the sound of that!) highs and lows in the future. From me and Austin Powers, keep running and blessings to all. x


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  • Fantastic - well done :-)

  • Thank you :-)

  • Congratulations new graduate It's an amazing feeling and you deserve it with what you have achieved Next step Is to plan next few weeks running so you don't miss structure of programme Good luck

  • Yes, I really need to do that. Keeping motivated will be a challenge. Thanks for your encouragement Fitfor60! :-)

  • That's fantastic, and what a great time! Well done and enjoy the feeling and confidence boost it gives you.

  • I will! Thanks so much Cheery!

  • Well done! It is a lovely feeling isn't it. Keep in touch as we all get a bit lost without the structure. And get that badge!

  • Oh yes! I've applied for it don't worry! Yes, the loss of structure worries me a bit but maybe there' less pressure too? We'll see...! Thanks Deb :-)

  • Congratualtions jen!! A fabulous achievement - you deserve your badge!

  • Thank you dottie! I have it! Fantastic! :-)

  • Congratulations! Enjoy it, celebrate and keep on running!

  • Thanks Aftabs - I intend to :-)

  • Oh that's fantastic Jen , great time so pleased for you luv , yes you need a plan , I do to keep me going . Congratulations .

  • Thanks my lovely - and thanks so much for all your encouragement on the way. It's been an amazing journey :-)

  • Brilliant well done you and a very good time indeed!

  • Thanks Slowworm! I think it was a one off!

  • Great news, I've been hot on your heels all the way along and been inspired by your progress. Congratulations :)

  • Aww, thanks Sallyal. I was following Rockette so I know what you mean. You're next then! Good luck!

  • Congratuations, enjoy celebrating your success and keep running.

  • Thanks so much Twizzle :-)

  • Brilliant news JenJenJen. You little runner you! You are right about this forum for inspiration from others. Isn;t it great?

  • Heehee! Thanks Mr Dan. I know forums don't work for everyone but this one has got me through plain and simple. Ordinary people like me doing extraordinary things for themselves. Brilliant :-)

  • Well done Jen - and what a great run to graduate on! You should be very pleased with yourself!

  • I was so determined Hennith! It may be a one off but at least I went out on a high. Thank you :-)

  • Well done , I graduated today as well but not to the 5k standard! X that's my next aim.x

  • Fantastic Run-ragged, well done you! What a swell day 1st December has been for us both then! Good luck with the 5k. My aim is to do it again - and be a more normal colour when I'm done! :-)

  • Congratulations! It's a good feeling, isn't it!

    Yes, it can be a challenge to keep it up after graduation, but even if you don't keep going out quite so often, you still know your body (and mind!) can do it. I graduated way back in February, at a somewhat glacial pace, then extended it to a 5k (which took about 50 minutes) and on one amazing occasion I did a 10k. I took part in the 5x50 challenge (coming up again in March I think - look out for lots of information coming up soon) and then did odd bits here and there over the summer. (I'm not so keen on running when it's warm.)

    So in the last few months I've had gaps of a week or two between runs (sometimes more) - but today I went out and ran for a total of 30 minutes, albeit not in one single run, as it took three short bits to get me going again - but I knew I could still do it. And so far, I don't ache (might do tomorrow though!)

    Many other graduates have gone on to amazing speeds and distances, but I'm still very happy that c25k proved to me that I can challenge myself, and I can run. We're all different, and running can mean very different things to different people. I hope you'll go on enjoying your running, however you decide to go forward. Have fun and feel fitter! :) :) :)

  • Wise words Greenlegs thank you. I've never been competitive but this has been a self proving sort of thing. You sounds like you really know your body and what you can achieve. I hope I reach that point. I was worried not doing it three times a week would render me unfit again but you proove that's nonsense. I'm going to do Parkrun and aim for running 5k comfortably rather than struggling.

  • Nine weeks soon flies by and there you are.......a runner. Congratulations and keep enjoying your running.

  • Thanks Iannoda. Your replies at the very beginning really inspired me so thank you :-)

  • well done i will be joining you this week all being well .

  • Good luck Ned! Go for it it feels amazing! :-)

  • Well done - what a huge achievement. I shall be joining you in 7 weeks! I'm only 28 minutes and 30 seconds away from running for 30 minutes!!!!

  • Thank you Purple! It seems like a lifetime I know but it comes round so quick. Before you know it you'll be here - and it feels amazing! Keep posting!

  • It will fly :)

  • Yay, well done you! The badge is look in' good :) keep up the momentum now that you are a fully pledged graduate, you've put so much work into it, you just need to find new running goals to now reach! Congratulations again!

  • *swells with pride at new badge* Thanks Mugsy! Yes, we need to focus on where to go next.

  • Congratulations you've done amazing . My graduation run will be Friday if all goes to plan. Doubt I'll hit the 5 k distance though

  • Good luck Luvleeju! You'll be great. It doesn't matter about the distance yet it's the running. I only wanted to do it because it was so close. I just HAD to push that bit more.

  • We will be doing it together Lovleeju! How quickly 9 weeks have passed! I have the bubbles chilling!

  • Good luck! :-)

  • You're right it's flown by this time. In January I started this programme and really struggled . Never got past week 6 and repeated weeks also. This time I have never failed a run ( touch wood) . I believe it's all about determination and belief.

    I run in the evenings after work so hopefully on Friday night it will be celebration time and the corks will be popping .

    Good luck turnturtle I will look out for your celebratory post cheers

  • That is so emotional! Not sure I'll be able to cope on Friday. The dog runs with me so I may just traumatise her with hugs!

  • OMG - many fantastic replies. - mine is a lame but FROM THE heart - so super well done. Big CONGRATS :-)

  • It's not lame at all - thank you SO much for taking the time to congratulate me. :-)

  • Congratulations Jen I too graduated today and with a 5k run took me a bit longer than the 30 mins but still pleased, so I shall raise a glass to you tonight and will forever remember the 1st December, I wonder which race we will be chatting about this time next year? Maybe meet you at the end of a marathon one day ;)

  • Oh, could you imagine that? Thank you Mummy and so well done to you. x

  • Massive congratulations, well done :)

  • Thank you so much :-)

  • Well done Jen. Sounds like Dudley was glad to see you return. Do you think he sensed the enormity of the occasion? :) :)

  • Haha, I think it was the salt...! ;-) Thank you.

  • Fantastic news! I am pleased for you well done.

  • Thank you Frany :-)

  • What a purdy shiney badge you have there, it suits you! From one Jen to another well done :) keep us updated with your 'post grad running' :D

  • It suuuure is! :-) Thanks so much Jen. Good luck for the future.

  • Congratulations Jen, really well done!

  • Thank you so much Andy :-)

  • Woo hooo!! What a fantastic time! You did it! Well done. What an amazing woman. When you think you had to stop the rhythm cos of migraines and stuff you persevered! You are amazing *clapping hands in awe* x

  • Aww, Mum 2 you just made me cry! What a sweet thing to say. We all overcome so much to get here. It's not just a physical journey is it? Thanks so much for all your support. Couldn't have done it without you all. x

  • Excellent - well done you. It changes your life!

  • It already has Ned. It's restored my faith in human nature for a start, The support here is amazing. Thank you. :-)

  • Brilliant! Congratulations on your graduation - and your 5k in such a great time, too! And look at your beautiful badge - happy days :)

  • Thank you so much :-)

  • Well done and congratulations on your Graduation!! Fantastic!

    Thank you also for introducing me to Austin Powers, he now accompanies me 3 times a week and like you I'm so tempted to dance down the street rather than run, it's just the best music to run to! I need some union jack running tights!

    Oh behave...

  • Ahaha! That's fantastic! I'm so pleased! Austin rocks my world! It surely is the best feelgood song ever! Thanks so much red. Hope to see you in those tights somewhere someday! Yeah baby! :-D

  • Well done and congratulations. I'm just waiting for my badge now. Isn't it a great feeling?

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