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Week 7 run 3

Well finished week seven on a high. Did really well. Not as tired as day two, I slowed my pace down. I've noticed that after the first 12 mins my pace picks up which leaves me struggeling the last five mins so I pulled that back. Eeeeeeee can't believe I'm so close to week nine. I started this nine weeks ago and my son who is 18 decided to join me. He's been sooo supportive. He can't believe he's also now running 25 mins. He hated running. He has really toned up since starting this. Wish I could say the same... I can't see any difference at all. I have lost 13 pounds but I wish my legs would look more defined. I've always had what I call tree trunk legs... No shape to them at all. I was hoping this program would help. Maybe now the longer runs are here I might start to see a difference?

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13 pounds lost is brilliant. Plus you get to do something together with your son. I'm sure the legs will improve with time. I remember reading somewhere that the longer your calf muscle is the more it can develop so perhaps those legs were meant for running.


You're doing so well - end of week 7 and losing 13lbs! I bet with continued longer runs you'll notice a chance - I did :-).

Increased fitness is powerful isn't it, for making you just feel great - I love it.

I'm far from super fit and athletic looking, but I'm pretty pleased. My hubby says I look great and even my sons do, so that makes it all worth while.

Good luck with your final runs to graduation :-) xx


Well done for reaching week 7 :)

The good news is that it just keeps getting better. :)


Well done Nicky, on the weight loss and for getting this far on the programme. Both of these achievements have taken a lot of grit and perseverance.

Your legs WILL tone up but it takes time, like all the best things in life! I posted the other day about the surprise I got when I tried on some leggings I hadn't tried on for a couple of years. My legs and bum had really toned up but this has taken 18 months of running and other exercise, especially weights.

Be patient, keep running, and watch your legs change before your eyes!


Thank you everyone that makes me feel much better


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