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On to Week 8!

I'm now doing week 8 so I'm nearly there! I was repeating Wk 7 to give my knees time to get used to a longer run and running on pavement (no more running in a nature reserve - pitchy black!) and when I was running Wk 7 the other night I felt really good so carried on for a further 3 minutes - felt great! Hooray, I thought I'm on Week 8. Well, did another Week 8 run this morning but not so good, found it really hard. I think I made the mistake of going out on an empty stomach (before breakfast). I run at different times - once in the evening (when daughter is at ballet class), once on a Saturday lunchtime (ditto the ballet class) and once on a Thursday morning. I did complete the run (with a brief stop to wait to cross a busy road) but it was nowhere near as good as Monday evening. Perhaps I am just not a morning person? How have other people found this? I have run straight after breakfast as well but a bowl of cereal sloshing round my stomach was not really nice!! Perhaps just a banana next time - any suggestions?

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Hi Kelly :)

I am the opposite! I normally run on empty very early in the morning and last night tried out an evening run and I really struggled! Had a stitch after about 5 minutes and found the busy roads really annoying! :D

I guess everybody is different and you have to work out what works best for you. Good luck with your final week :)


Everyone is different and some people prefer running early morning, others later in the evening, etc. You have to experiment and find your optimum time. How have you felt on each of your runs? If one felt better/easier than the others then maybe try to run at roughly the same time for a while and see how you feel.

Personally I can't run on an empty stomach. Porridge and a few cups of tea works for me but I always wait about an hour before I go running. You need to give your stomach time to digest the food otherwise you'll feel sluggish and sickish. A banana is better than nothing and don't forget to keep hydrated before your run.

Really well done on getting this far!


As mossy and IP have said, we're all different. I find it MUCH easier to run early morning on an empty stomach. Really struggle with breathing later in the day.

Sounds like you did the right thing re repeating week 7 - you're in a good place now to complete then graduate.

Good luck and hope you find the right running routine.

:-) xx


I used to think I was a morning person but now i dont mind evening runs :) but then i am enjoying any run i do :)

well done on what you have achieved so far :D 5 runs to graduation :D keep going you are doing great :D


Thanks for the replies. Think I'll try a banana next time it's a morning run. Fingers crossed for Wk8 R3 tomorrow - late morning and along a country disused-railway track so very pleasant.


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