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Help... in week 8 but can't run


Advice please. I just started week 8 on Sunday but have not been able to run since then and can't envisage being able too for the near future as it is ridiculously hot where i live (it's not usually this hot at thus time of year). I cannot cope with the heat let alone running in it which gives me really bad headaches every time. I'm falling behind on the program and not sure what to do when i can get back to it... repeat the previous week (wk 7) or go back even further?

In theory it will cool down in a week or so so should be able to get back to running again.

Advice please.

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Are you able to run in the evenings or even very early mornings when the sun isn't at its hottest?


Not very easily no...-that's the problem


Have you ever though of going to a gym and using the treadmill to continue the programme?


Could be a good plan though will have to fine an affordable one... thanks

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Until you know how much you have missed then it is not very easy to answer your question. When you start back try the run you were going to do next. if you fitness has slipped a lot, drop back a week and try that until you find your level....we cannot tell you.


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