I'm not a townie

So thanks to all the suggestions for running in London this week, but after my first outing running last night, I have to say I don't think I'm really suited to town running.

I started off all well all positive etc and followed the river for a bit and ventured on for a few KM, quite a few others out which is different for me too - there's usually more sheep than people at home. But what got me the most is that you eventually realise even after running for 4k you still can't see a field, it's all just concrete & glass & tarmac all created by man and I really don't know how you guys who live there do that.

Oddly even though I knew I was outside I had a real feeling of claustrophobia which I've never had before I think it was the combination of running & music and generally being very aware of new surroundings...

Decided to head back to the hotel and finished off with a quick 5k on the treadmill, smashing the PB in the process too. So all told not that bad.



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  • I know exactly what you mean Rob. I lived, until 7 months ago, in a built up area. It wasn't a city but there were lots of planes, trains, traffic, people, noise, pollution blah blah. Now I'm living in the countryside and absolutely love it. Running in the open countryside and trails is just the best.

    I didn't think anything of the change but a few weeks ago I had to go into London by train and I hated it. The crowds, the noise and I felt very claustrophobic so I understand exactly what you mean. I couldn't believe it as I worked in London for years and loved it. But when I was there I couldn't wait to get home again!

    Well done on hitting the treadmill and running 5K.

  • I think it's because where I usually run is so varied and makes me realise that I've only ever run at home around our village so a 10k takes me through 3 villages and countless fields, that is what being outdoor is all about.

  • I love the countryside too but I also run in town and I really don't mind it. I thought I would but I don't. Not keen on the stop/starts at the pedestrian crossings mind you. I think I would prefer to run anywhere than on a dreadmill!

    Well done on a PB though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic! You'll soon be home and running in familiar surroundings

  • oh crossings yes, are you supposed to stop or jog on the spot and like like a complete tw*t what on earth.

    and the only reason for the treadmill was so I could properly push myself I usually find I'm faster because you set the pace and it's moving at that pace so you run faster or fall off.

  • I'm on the outskirts of London. Best of both worlds, I have streets and tracks depending on what I fancy and how much light there is. I will miss the tracks in a couple of weeks time when I can't run on them before work.

  • was around docklands so not central, and too far to a decent park. My usual is tracks well mud paths. At least I'm managing to stay clean!

  • Docklands: The Thames Path runs through Docklands (I'm pretty sure, we've only got as far as Chelsea Bridge at the moment, walking Chelsea Br to Tower Br tomorrow), check out the tfl site for it (recently relocated from walkLondon site) tfl.gov.uk/modes/walking/th...

    There may be some part of the Jubilee Greenway that are local to you as well.... tfl.gov.uk/modes/walking/ju...

    Though chances are you will need to do lots of 'people dodging'. On the section of the Thames Path we did last week (Barnes to Battersea) there was a huge number of runners.

  • Thanks Beads, I'll take a look. I don't mind the crowds and such more the change of scenery. Jubilee Greenway also looks work a try too, although will be a night run.


  • I live and work in London. I've grown to absolute hate it. Crowds are ten times as big as they were 20 oddbyears ago, public transport is like torture - I know exactly what you mean! I'm planning on moving to the West Country......but have to convince my wife first!!! Wish me luck!

  • Dan I'm not suprised, this is my 5th time here this year and I've already vowed never again, working is not that bad when you're in the office, but life here no thanks. Good luck with the wife, assuming she doesn't want to move!

  • Ooo it's great here in the West Country - I LOVE IT!!

    :-) :-)

  • Pssst! Keep quiet pinky..........IT'S HORRIBLE HERE IN THE COUNTRY. There's nothing to do. Just fields and woods and lanes.......IT'S Horrible.

  • Oh yes, of course.. I'd forgotten how bad it was.. those coastal paths, rolling mendips, pretty harbours.. awful..

  • I agree pinkangel... I live in Somerset and its awful... :-)

  • it really does sound awful. someone should tell Dan this otherwise he'll end up moving!

  • Oh, sorry to hear this, Rob :( I'm really lucky because I live in a very small market town in the middle of the country, so my town running is still surrounded by greenery, and if I want to get to the country it's a whole - ooh, 2 minutes' walk before I'm surrounded by fields. Our tallest building is a three-storey Georgian townhouse. However, I do enjoy running in London and other cities, if only from the anthropological aspect :D I get irritated by having to dodge pedestrians and cyclists but I love running by the river and sightseeing, and I particularly enjoy looking back on my running tourism on the Garmin later on.

    I hope you can manage another couple of runs while you're there, but perhaps the treadmill is the way to go. Good luck with it - you'll be home soon!

  • Thanks Annie, just today & Friday to go then back to sunny Northampton!. It's when I realise that I haven't done any running tourism at all perhaps I need to get out more!

  • I get that...I like having the variety though as when I have run to work I start off with sheep, bunnies, fields, stillness, and then the lights of the city appear and it gradually becomes more and more urban, more people etc so it really feels like a journey. Well done on the PB.

  • well don't they say that variety is the spice of life, maybe you need a bit more variety there then?. Your run sounds like my home run too minus the city lights, deliberately not run tonight so I can run tomorrow night when I'm back on my fields and mud paths!.

    and thanks, 5k now stands at 28.18

  • hows the 5k time now? That was a pretty impressive time!!

  • I live in Perth which calls itself a city. However it's pretty wee for a city so I have the best of both worlds. Beautiful countryside on the doorstep but nice roads with street-lights when it's dark on a winter's evening. :)

    And unlike misswobble I like pedestrian crossings as I get to have a wee rest whilst pretending that I'm not in fact having a wee rest but rather I am impatiently waiting for the lights to change (I hate when they change too quickly)! The other good thing about running through the town is that I get to overtake people. To be fair to them, they are browsing shop windows and are unaware they are in a race. Some of them even have zimmer frames. But slowcoaches like me must appreciate little victories where we get them...

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