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Running Club - I'm not ready!!

Eventually braved the SweatShop Running club this eve. Graduated 2 weeks ago and have down abut 6 x 30 min runs. I was assured it was for all abilities including new runners - I think I was somewhat misled!

As everyone started to turn up it was obvious they were all experienced runners

I was the only newbie

The back marker runner was great and stayed with me as everyone disappeared out of sight after 2 minutes. The two of us continued alone and even then had to cut the run short as it was too much for me. Feeling a bit disheartened. Will I be able to face going back next week??

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Do they run a beginners' night, Skandia? If not and you feel too disheartened to go back, maybe find a local running club that do. I joined my local runner's club and Monday evening is beginner's night (TBH it's not a real beginner's-beginners experience - you'd need to have been doing it for at least a good few weeks), but it's challenging enough to push you but with enough slower laps and walking to get your breath back before you push with speed and effort again. MInd you that back runner sounds great and if you do go back next week and continue doing so, you can't help but get better, I suppose it just depends how much of a challenge you're up for.


Well done for going and staying. I have just joined a beginners running club and although the abilties are very mixed (some regularly run 10K) the running we do is very varied and we go at our own pace, and I love it. I would either try and find a complete beginners course or try and stick with it, you will be surprised how you will improve running with others and I'm sure they will be pleased to see you back. Good Luck what ever you decide to do.


Congrats on going. I did exactly the same thing at my local sweatshop running club and found that mixed ability translated to them all being experienced runners and that I'm usually the last person. I keep going back even though I'm last as I think it will improve fitness really quickly as you are pushing yourself to go faster and further than what you normally do!


Thanks for the encouragement, I think I'll go back next week, but I'm not only last - the others are out of sight after less than 5 minutes! Quite embaressing


Well done for trying it and good on the back runner for staying with you.

I think it's a shame that everyone just took off and left you though - in the club I go to, the faster runners in a group always loop back and encourage those at the back. It works really well as they get to cover a greater distance but the slower, less experienced runners get to push themselves a little more than perhaps they might if just running in a group with everyone at the same speed.

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