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Week 4 done - bring on Week 5 - eek!

Bit late but finished my 3rd run of week 4 yesterday. All good except my hips were aching a little last night although seem fine today.

You know when you get a new book and it takes all your willpower not to skip ahead a bit...well just looked at the plan for Week 5. Run 1 sounds ok, Run 2 a little more challenging, Run 3 - OMG!!!! Run for 20 minutes!!! Blimey. Having said that I did have a peek at what others have said on here about that run and in the main everyone seems to have done it - and quite rightly been very chuffed with themselves afterwards. Looking forward to Laura's motivational tips in that one! LOL. :)

Good luck to all my fellow Week Fivers xxx

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Week 5 is no problem, go for it! It's actually nice because it's three different runs. You can do it! Good luck!


You will be amazed at your progress in wk5, I know I was. Don't worry about it just do what Laura says and you will be fine. Enjoy :-)


Thanks Delia and Rolphie. I intend to give it my best shot and have total faith in Laura - even if her music is pants! :)


:-) I cheated and would pull up tags as the weeks progressed to prepare me. ;-) The dreaded 20 will be fine...every run prior to has prepared you...even if your mind says no...your body is ready!!! It is such a TOTALLY AWESOME FEELING to run 20 solid minutes! :-) Gayle


I'm about to start week 5 and I'm seriously sceptical too, but hopefully next week we too can be the ones on here saying to up and coming week fivers that its not as bad as they think!


Thanks Gayle.

Jadis - just off the treadmill from the first run of Week 5. Found it ok. Slight hip niggle at the end of the 3rd run - didn't feel it when running but did on walking. Seemed to walk it off though. Good luck. :) x


Don't fear any run.

This might help………..positivity

Your W4 workouts were all longer than each W5 workout. You can do the time, it is just a matter of rearrangement of intervals.

Trust the plan and believe in your amazing ability.


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